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  1. This showed up on an Australian based forum for wide format printers this morning. Canon has announced two new pigment ink printers, the 17" wide iPF 5100 image PROGRAF and the 24" wide iPF 6100. The24" wide model fills a hole between the existing iPF5000 and hte 44" wide IPF8000, and has been expected for sometime. The iPF5100 may (or may not) replace the iPF5000. the iPF6100 is said to be available in July 2007 and the iPF5100 the following month.
    Like those existing iPF printers , the new printers use Canon's 12 ink "Lucia" ink systems which have recently been rated by Henry Wilhelm at 95 years longevity (before appreciable fading). Used with Canon's GAROS driver are capable of 12 bit per channel RGB printing. I have been using the iPF5000 since last August or September and the colors really are purer or cleaner than the comparable Epson machines are capable of. But the really big news is that like HP z3100 printer Canon is now incorporating color calibration tools to automate the color profiling process.
    To quote from the Canon Australia press release:
    These new imagePROGRAF devices also incorporate Kyuanos (meaning azure or sky blue in Greek), a new general purpose colour management system developed by Canon which enables users to more accurately match colours between different devices and environments. Kyuanos supports an expanded colour palette with higher bit numbers and resolution to ensure cleaner more vivid colour reproduction with improved gradation. Users can optimise the output for different lighting conditions to guarantee accurate colour matching in different lighting environments. This key technology also allows ambient light adjustment based on numerical light analysis, visual matching of object and light source colours and chromatic adaptation.
    In other words Canon is getting into the color management game now dominated by X-Rite (last year Gretag-Macbeth and Monaco became part of X-Rite). So far only HP has incorporated X-Rite's Eye One color profiling tools in the Z3100 series color profiling tools in the Z3100 incorporate X-Rite's Eye One technology. Can a Canon spectrophotometer or colorimeter for monitors be far behind? Will the Canon Kyuanos system be extended somehow to their digital cameras and scanners?
    More on this tomorrow.
    Link to the full blurb from Canon Australia.
    Ellis Vener
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