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  1. Since the new format I have been reluctant to post a new photo in my portfolio but finally did so. In the past, after posting a new photo it would appear pretty quickly to all as a newly added photo. This often resulted in multiple views and , more importantly, lots of good feedback and critiques. The photo I posted a few weeks ago never appeared in "trending" which seems to show many of the same photos endlessly and has only received one view, which I think was from me! Not that this is an earth shattering photo but its not bad either. So I feel posting this pic to my portfolio was like throwing it into a black hole. I probably missed a click or some step to make it public but I am yet again frustrated with the new format. Just had to vent while I miss the great old days of photonet.
    H Russell
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    Welcome back Suggest you go to Photo Site Help and check out How To 1 and 2. Bug Report probably worth a read as well. Other than that, just kicking around the site will catch you up as much as is possible. Try "mouse-ing" over nearly everything and you'll find all sorts of stuff. Good luck!
  3. Henry, I feel your pain. I get frustrated here as well. It may very well be that you missed a click or something. Too bad there's not a FAQ to guide users on how to use what is so far a not terribly self-evident website to maneuver around. While the "How to" thread was a valiant and generous effort on Leslie's part, it doesn't take the place of an organized and indexed FAQ produced by someone with intimate knowledge of the workings of the site and an inside view of what most users have problems with. Of course, no FAQ is a substitute for straightforward and dependable functionality. It’s also possible you did everything you could and there’s some sort of bug or glitch preventing your photo from getting views or from being in the trending queue. I wish you the best of luck.

    Since you're not getting views, I clicked through to your portfolio and took a look. The Loen church scene stands out to me. It's a very sweet scene, shows off the church nicely, which is emphasized visually but very much part of the scene at the same time. I like the contrast in the scene and the clouds/mist/fog in the background has a very warm feel to it. It's also very atmospheric lighting to work with and you've done well with it.
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  4. Henry,I also miss the old PN and my stuff does not get the attention it used to get.I find that submitting my photos to the critique platform generates some views,hopefully some admires and thankfully some comments which when dropped in some formula only ADMIN knows(I have asked...but no answer) generates the weight that carries the image in the trending queue.Hope this helps.
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  5. Thanks for your responses. I will try some of your suggestions but will still miss the easy, open sense of a community of photo enthusiasts created by the old PN.
    Happy New Year!
  6. Thanks for the kind comments Fred. I found it difficult to not take a good photo in Norway! A beautiful country.

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