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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by link, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. Photo.neters!
    I've recently updated my website to include a photography page. I'm interested in comments about how it works on your device. (or any other comments if you'd like). I've built the site using Adobe MUSE, as I already subscribe to all the Adobe apps.
    Here's a screenshot of my MacBook, which looks like I've intended. If it doesn't look like this, please let me know, and say what device you're browsing on. Thanks!
  2. Fine work! Works well on an iPhone 6 held either vertically or horizontally. Curious as to know why you want/need the
    lengend about "A rotating selection of photographs not related to cinematography" super-imposed on each image?
  3. Works OK for me. However, menu buttons should be at the top. Otherwise, some viewers who don't scroll won't see them. Also, probably 99.999% of web pages have menus at the top, and that's where people expect them to be.
  4. Thanks guys.
    Ellis: I'm in the movie business. I was trying to make clear that these are not work related photos. But your point is well taken. Maybe I'll remove that entirely.
    Marc: While that's true, if scrolling is necessary on one's device, having the menu on top would mean scrolling for every image. In my view, it's better to scroll once. BTW, what device were you viewing on? It's good to know what works as well as what does not.
  5. david_henderson


    Looked at it on a PC with 24" screen. No scrolling necessary. Thumbnails and menu options visible. Different on an iPad mini though- need to scroll to otherwise invisible menus and thumbnails are not visible so the only visible option is the arrow to take you through the portfolio. Might not work so well if you have a lot more pictures or more galleries.
    Otherwise, like the photography, like the palette.
  6. Thanks David, I may design a special version for tablets. I already have a special version for phones.

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