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  1. Looks like it will be a bridge ("prosumer") camera. Fixed lens? Interchangeable lenses? Who knows!? Let the rumours and hypotheses fly!
  2. How come nobody is complaining yet?
  3. *silence*
    I'm just shocked right now... this really doesn't look like a step up from the k20. Maybe this is why they are getting rid of their point and shoots??
    *stroking beard*
  4. Just yesterday I was telling an Olympus DSLR-using friend that I was impressed by how a forum member has attached Pentax K-mount lenses to the new Lumix G1. I was hoping that either Pentax or Olympus would introduce similar products to give us some choices.
    My hope for this camera is that the lenses are interchangeable, and that current K-mount lenses will work. Historically, one core competence of the Pentax brand has been highly functional compact cameras--the ME series, the 110 SLRs, and even the *DS/DL bodies bear this out.
    So the dream vision is that I can put this new camera with a 21mm Ltd lens attached right into my jacket pocket.
  5. Knowing what you do about Pentax and their current products and trends, what are the odds it is a "pro" class DSLR? My guess is "slim."
  6. The buttons on this camera are practically the same as on my Pentax P&S, so I'm 99.99999% sure it's a superzoom bridge camera with a fixed lens. My only worry is that it doesn't appear to have a swivel LCD screen, which is one of the main attractions for these cameras.
    If this photo is of a superzoom bridge camera, and the screen doesn't swivel, then Pentax have committed one HUGE blunder.
  7. trw


    In my opinion, buying a superzoom bridge camera is a huge blunder (I had one).
  8. What's the source? Or is this a photoshop job?
  9. I found where this was "leaked" on that German site...which lends it a little more credibility than if it had just appeared on a forum. Anyway, it is awfully hard to judge this with so little information. I don't think it is necessarily a bad thing for Pentax to do more in the small sensor market, but hopefully they can somehow distinguish themselves rather than being me-too.
  10. what is up with the smiley face button??? I also hope its not a superzoom bridge camera with a fixed lense. If this is suppose to be our version of the micro 4/3, then what happens to the k-m??
  11. Look at the button on thr upper left. Looks like it has an EVF. It would be nice if it has a K mount. :)
  12. I'm just wondering why there is only the back view it seems to be if someone had the camera there to take this photo they would also have taken one of the front.
  13. I'm just wondering why there is only the back view it seems to be if someone had the camera there to take this photo they would also have taken one of the front.
    I should have probably linked to the source, which Andrew already found:
    It's a German photo site reviewing the Olympus E-620. Check out the rear view of the camera... Yeah, they screwed up (or did they?) and put in the Pentax photo.
  14. Every major brand has bridge cameras, and I say many of them hanging off people's necks when I go into the city on a weekend. They are very popular, and with good reason. They perform well outside, they have a huge zoom range, and they take better pictures than a P&S without having to change lenses. For people that just like to take photographs when they're out and about and who aren't looking for the very best IQ, just pretty good IQ, they are an attractive option. Camera companies also like then because they can make more money on them :)
    I always wondered why Pentax didn't have one, and it's about time they did. Now all they need to do is not have screwed it up with a non-swivel LCD. I'm hoping this is an preproduction mock-up and not the final camera.
  15. Knowing what you do about Pentax and their current products and trends, what are the odds it is a "pro" class DSLR? My guess is "slim."​
    Well I can tell by looking at the buttons that it's not a "pro class" DSLR, but what I do know about Pentax is they produced 2 killer "pro class" DSLRs that left the reviewers and Canikon puzzled. I mean the K10D WAS/IS a pro class camera, with a top 10 sensor (better than the Canon 10-40D series), and priced below that class.
    The K20D was NEARLY the first DSLR with HD video. And it has a "pro quality" 14.6 MP sensor that blows the pants off the Canikon offerings in APS-C. Considering the sound quality from the D90 isn't great, perhaps Nikon should have left the sound out of that camera as well. Then, you'd have an overpriced K20D with a crippled mount.
    Pentax has done what Olympus is doing (although Pentax was doing it before olympus but thats not the point), producing "pro class" cameras underneath the super high end cameras that most pros don't even need. This is where profit margin is higher, and sales are more brisk.
    Afterall, the most used "pro class" camera in the Canon lineup IS the 10,20,30,40,50D and the K10/K20D compares nicely to at least the 30/40D level in almost all respects.
    Now if you were inferring that it probably isn't a 5D or 1D or D700, I would agree, but those ARE NOT the only pro class DSLRs on the market!
  16. Just as a note and addendum to my rant above (sorry, I don't have a high tolerance for misinformed comments).
    Samsung had a bridge camera out, the Pro 815. I don't think it had an APS-C sensor in it, and I don't remember how it faired in terms of sales or quality. I know it was probably one of the better fixed lens DSLR type cameras in a long list of uninspiring ones.
    Perhaps it's a LX3/G10/P6000/GRDII advanced digital compact.
    I've personally made up my mind to buy an LX3 for my brothers wedding (do i need it for the wedding, nope, but it is a great excuse to buy a wide angled, wide aperture pocket cam that takes HD video, and has better than average high ISO). If Pentax had something similar out before May, I'd probably hold off for that. The LX3 is a bit pricey for my taste, and I'm not sure it's perfect in any sense of ergonomics, but the alternative, a K-m with a 21mm pancake was significantly more flawed and less pocketable.
  17. We now have a picture of the front too. 12MP, fixed lens, 24x zoom...Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you the X70, Pentax's first bridge camera!
    Now let's wait to find out the aperture range of the lens and whether the body is weather-sealed. And I'm still holding out for a swivel LCD. Oh, and what's the price going to be?
  18. I got the camera specs (which were briefly available on the Pentax Japan website) from Robin Parmar :
    • 12 megapixel (4000x3000) on 1/2.33" sensor
    • 24x zoom lens 26/2.8 -624/5.0 in 35mm equivalent (!)
    • shake reduction
    • 11 fps continuous shooting at 2592 x 1944 pixels
    • AF is 9-point AF with switchable points, spot, auto, manual or "infinity-landscape"
    • metering is multi-segment, center-weighted or spot
    • ±2EV (1/3EV steps) exposure compensation
    • shutter range: 1/4000 - 1/4s with 4s long exposure
    • self-timer, 2s delay timer, interval shooting and auto bracket
    • 33.6MB built-in memory and SD card storage
    • HD movies with SR (1280 x 720 pixels)
    • programme, aperture-priority, shutter-priority and manual modes plus auto
    • face recognition for up to 32 faces (big party, what?)
    • auto sensitivity control, up to ISO 6400
    • 2.7" LCD (230,000 dots)
    • electronic viewfinder
    • image ratio selectable from 4:3 (native), 3:2, 16:9 or 1:1
    • auto plus custom white balance
    • overexposure compensation
    • macro mode down to 1cm
    • "Digital Wide" function to composite a 20mm (35mm equivalent) image from two images
    • world-time clock
    • decorative photo frames
    • red-eye reduction
    • lithium-ion battery with 170 shot life
    • 110.5 x 82.5 x 89.5 mm and 410g (loaded and ready)
    And you can preorder it from B&H for $400.
  19. I don't think you will get your swivel LCD, Mis...or any weather sealing.
    Looks like a mixed bag. Some really nice stuff for those that wants, like spot metering and selectable spot AF, ISO6400 (lets see how good that is...), Macro down to 1cm is not sloppy - if it does that at 600mm equiv, which I would doubt, I would be amazed. The '26-624 f/2.8-5.0' lens is something that I really want to see in action. Can that really be any good?
    but no mention of RAW, slow speed shooting stops at 1/4 of a second - seemingly no 'bulb' mode, the sensor is bloody small so low light ISO will probably be a bugger unless Pentax have re-written the rule-book.
    I would like to see it up against something I know the size of...
  20. I don't know much about digital cameras, but there is something about this that looks wrong.
  21. It's not a bad looking camera, essentially a K200D packed into a digital bridge camera.
    Plus decent frame rate and 720HD movie mode.
    Unfortunately the big zoom, (most likely) slow lens, and larger size make it unappealing to me, I'd rather tote my SLR.

    It looks like the LX3 is the cream of the crop to date!
  22. Unfortunately the big zoom, (most likely) slow lens​
    Justin, the lens is f/2.8-5.0. That's not too shabby if you ask me.
  23. Maybe they should just find a way to make a DSLR with a bridge lens and bridge functions. Really, would it be any cheaper to make a bridge camera? If the user could unbolt that bridge lens when they were ready, and use it as a DSLR, that might work out well. Somehow "kit' lenses got a bad reputation, it seems. I imagine that Pentax's would be a good, general purpose lens. Nothing wrong with that. A few things right about it, too.
  24. As has been mentioned elsewhere, the X70 looks suspiciously like the Nikon Coolpix P90 (which features a tilting screen, by the way). I doubt either of them were developed by Pentax or Nikon and are just rebadged OEM cameras. What does this say about Pentax innovation...? I'll let you be the judge of that.

    Photo Credit: Nikon USA .
  25. Yeah, 2.8 is very good. The leica is f/2.0-2.8, and yes I know it's not the same zoom range, but again, that is why Ned bought the LX3. Most of us don't want a super zoom, i want the best optics I can get on any camera, and I'd have been fine with the LX3 having an f/1.4 or 2.0 prime 24mm equiv on it, but the extra range for 1 stop is ok by me!
    And if the X70 is that big, than it is way to be to even consider for me. Why not just use an SLR? If it's not pocketable it's too big for a point and shoot!
    My only quibles with the LX3 are the ergonomics and lack of ANY optical viewfinder. But Panasonic doesn't approve of optical viewfinders so i doubt we'll ever see one! Even Canon seems to be starting to do away with them.
  26. It's official now:
    Justin, ironically enough, this camera is in the "Compact Digital Camera" section of the Pentax website :)
  27. If this little gem had been around a year ago I wouldn't have bought my lovely wife an Olympus SP550UZ! The ergonomics on the X-70 look better and's a Pentax!
    Super zooms were the rage in the fall of 2007 and early 2008, but are they still hot now? Thoughts anyone....I happen to think it looks promising for a modest increase in market share....
  28. A look at the specs suggests that the X70 may be a cousin to the Nikon P90 though I haven't seen any Kodaks yet that look like this. They don't appear to be twins though--the Pentax has CCD-shake SR rather than optical VR, and (probably to the detriment of the X70) only the Nikon has a tiltable review/compose rear LCD. Neither included a hotshoe, unfortunately. I am expecting that the camera firmware will be Pentax Optio-like in operation and probably different than what's in the Nikon. Both have also neglected to include RAW capture. (boo. This used to be more standard in more advanced compacts like Canon's S-series.)
    I also noticed that Pentax has been labeling fewer of their compact camera lenses with "SMC". Not sure if that's because they're not using it, not making the lenses themselves, or what. Some of their better compacts (Optio A30, A40) still said SMC on the front of the camera.
    Lets hope that Pentax sells enough of these to encourage them to stick with it. Pentax's somewhat limited retail presence makes me think that they may have a tough go at it, but I think they do sometimes sell compacts at places like Walmart.
    By the way, for those who don't like the green button combined with the trashcan (think Oscar the Grouch), Optios have already have been like this for some time. The green button on the Optios is programmable and can behave either like a 'reset everything button' or bring up a customizeable Fn-like menu that can be operated with the four-way controller. On my A30 I have it set so that I can choose ISO, WB, Exp Comp, and drive mode (self-timer, etc). Fairly workable when you have a limited set of hard buttons; I prefer it vs. going straight to list-like menus. This X70 has a few more hard buttons including an e-dial and exposure comp so I expect it to be a good deal better than the Optio ergonomically.
    Would I buy one? Who knows....maybe in several months when the street price drops below $275...I'll be interested to see how it reviews (or more likely how the Nikon reviews, since reviewers are more likely to review it).

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