New Osterloh book on M cameras and lenses

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  1. There is a new Leica M book from Gunter Osterloh being released May first. It is on Amazon (USA) for 26 dollars and some change, well below the near 40 dollars on the cover.
    I have not seen it, but I have his first book, the long out of print, "Advanced School of Photography", and it has been one of my most used / read books. Osterloh goes beyond the basics like loading film and gets into techniques that really make you more effective with the M camera.
    Osterloh also is more honest than most... if a lens is not great wide- open, he says that.
    Take a look at: LINK
  2. Thanks for the heads-up Albert! I've got one on order!
  3. Yo Albert! Thank you for the advance notice. I ordered mine about two minutes ago.
  4. it this book mostly on technique or a stats sheet?
  5. I've just ordered at Walmart for 24.26, and it'll be delieved on next monday.
  6. I actually recieved it today (pre-order from Amazon). Looks interesting and appears to satisfy my curiosity moving into the Leica M system. Will however need to peruse it much further before forming a solid opinion.


  7. it this book mostly on technique or a stats sheet?
    His first book was very heavy in technique. I learned many of the tricks that I use for stealthy shooting from this book, such as shooting with the 35mm lens without viewing based on the coverage being equal to the distance from the subject.
    There are stats, but they are presented only to be able to make choices, not to quote the spec sheets that come with the gear. For example, his lens chapter in the first book was very good reading. It was not as some other book are just a list, but it is quite heavy in information on the use, strenghts and weaknesses of each lens within its group. Like I said above, this is not a love letter to Leica like some books. There were many quote about how one lens has light fall-off until closed down two stops, or that another lens has soft edges until f/4.0.
    At several hundred pages, this new book should be just as full of information and techniques. The lens chapter is 100 pages for just a handful of focal lengths, so it would have to have much more than simple stats.
  8. I actually recieved it today (pre-order from Amazon).
    Wow! I hope I get that lucky. It is not suppose to be released or ship until the 1st of May.
  9. I got my copy from Amazon/U.S two weeks ago. It's a nice update from the old tome but it does contain numerous German to English translation errors. However, Osterloh is very knowledgable and I enjoy reading his points of view each morning while drinking coffee at home.
  10. Looks like an interesting book.

    Here's another book tip: Ralph Gibson's latest, entitled "Refractions" is also orderable though not yet shipping on Amazon. In this new book, Ralph alledgedly will be teaching about the process of seeing and capturing photos. My copy is already pre-ordered.
  11. Well, I 've ordered mine. Thanks, Albert!
  12. The local bookstore here had one on the shelf a couple weeks ago, so I bought it.

    At first glance, Osterloh does just recite the company line, but does acknowledge and
    address lens shortcomings.

    There is a 95-page chapter on technique, in addition to one entitled "Photography is
    Writing With Light."


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