New Orleans Jazz Funeral

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  1. Has anyone ever seen a real Second Line Jazz Funeral in New Orleans...and not one of the phony ones they put on for tourists at conventions? Yesterday I went to the send-off for New Orleans jazzman, Lionel Batiste, in Treme. Here's a Wikipedia link about Uncle Lionel.
    I shot a few pictures at the Second Line funeral parade and uploaded them to a gallery here:
    Hope you enjoy them...
  2. Nice work! I was in town over the weekend but failed to get to this. Great shots.
  3. My sister and I went to Danny Barker's funeral in the mid-nineties. He was a noted musician in NOLA and we followed him down Claiborne to his resting place in Treme as well.
  4. no "standing in state" pics?
  5. Where did you get this idea of phony jazz funerals for tourists? I grew up there, and never heard of, nor saw, anything like that. It's not the sort of thing people would make fun of.
  6. I think I get what you mean by phony jazz funerals for the tourists. You mean on Bourbon Street! ANYTHING goes there, but you won't see one of those winding it's way to the cemeteries. If that happened, Marie Laveu might come visiting.
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    Where did you get this idea of phony jazz funerals for tourists? I grew up there​

    Uhh, Dennis lives there now. He will know more than someone that left way back.
  8. A "Second Line" is tecnically what the parade or musical march is called that follows the hearse to the cemetery...that's what I was talking about. I've seen Second Lines done for conventioneers (without a body)...even short facsimile Mardi Gras parades (and not during Mardi Gras season). A lot of times they're done in a large convention center...sometimes on the street, at least in part. But, regardless, they ain't the real deal...

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