new Oly m43 work published! :)

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by mark_hahn, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Most interesting article and project. The photographs did not do it for me or perhaps convey to me the essence of this project as the few words had.
  2. I agree with Starvy, interesting article and idea. Maybe the photos are too evenly and brightly lit to suggest abandonment and finality. IMHO. Thanks for posting.
  3. Thanks for looking and taking the time to comment.
    What I was after was a consistancy in the whole body of photographic work, and I think I achieved that. It probably works better in the book where there is just a large block of images and the subtle differences immerge as you look through them.
  4. Interesting idea, but a bit boring though. I remember reading in Helmut Newton's biography that he wanted to make some pictures of his old house before selling it and thought the empty rooms would look too boring so he put a nekkid woman in there. That was obviously his style, but clearly made it more interesting to the general public as well. Not by any means suggesting that you should do the same.

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