New old lens 1950 lens for cannon , a invention , what do you think

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  1. i have to older cannon d10 , i use..some times lol but recently i just want to be rid of the kit lens that came with it , it being not that great of a lens , so i tried to sell it , nobody wanted it so i torn it apart with the hopes of a retro i had also had this Schneider 135 xenar lens laying about , a tessar design as you all know so yep i removed the glass from the cannon zoom kept the focusing elements and cut a lens board , we all know i am only using the center part of the lens and it now a bit of a tele photo , but wow ... i don't know how to post a image on here but have a look in my folders , uncroped unsharpened tests results
  2. maybe i can load a image
  3. trying to capture screws on the chiar for a test of this lens
  4. Slightly muted colours and contrast as you get with some older lenses but wonderful sharpness.
  5. The photos look fine, but that paragraph could use some new-fangled things called sentences and punctuation to break it up into readable chunks.
    Portland, eh? My wife's childhood years...SE Lincoln.
  6. Tom-while we're at it, Mr. Peterson's posting reminds me of Winston Churchill's comment "America and Great Britain-two nations divided by a common language"
    And, do we use Cannons or Canons?
  7. Depends what we're shooting.
    For photographs we use Canons
    For cannonballs we use Cannons
    I actually gave up on the original post because I couldn't really understand it. I speak both English and American fairly fluently too.
  8. It's written in modern urban American "texting" dialect. It developed in chatrooms and IM during the 90s and was perfected in cellphone text. I get papers from my students in this language all the time.
  9. I speak both English and American fairly fluently too.​
    I only speak English but sometimes I can just about understand American. Apparently, the languages shared some common ground in the dim and distant past.
  10. Can you post an image of what the lens looks like on the camera?
  11. You have better show some portraits, it's difficult to judge from your examples.
  12. Do you think its back-focusing a little...
  13. I am from Brazil so my english is a little off , thanks , some times i use goole translation and it comes out in jibbrish , lol
  14. oh yes by the way yes it is a cannon with cannon balls that i put the lens on , may explain why the lens has not been found recently, it went off in the air somewhere , i think towards the chair which also doesn't exist any more , it blew up in the process ,

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