New old E-M1 mk1

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by Gary Naka, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. My E-M1 mk1 arrived :)
    It looks good.
    Now I can plan for accessories; 64GB SD card(s), spare battery, carry case.
    But I need to wait till I find and get a lens before I can take it out to shoot :(

    First question is card speed.

    This is the card I was planning to get. Is the 95MB/sec xfer rate overkill for the camera? I use this same card in my D7200.

    This is a cheaper option. Slower xfer speed of 80MB/sec.

    These cards will likely stay with the E-M1 and not interchange with my D7200.
    What I have not been able to find out, so far, is the card interface speed, and if the camera can use the faster 95MB/sec card. Or is the slower (and cheaper) 80MB/sec card fully capable of the max that the card interface can send data.

    I am not shooting video, nor plan to, just stills.
    Depending on what I am shooting it will be either RAW (my default) or fine JPG.

    According to the manual I get about 41 RAX pix per GB, so a 64GB card can hold about 2,600 pix, which is plenty adequate.
    I may upgrade to the 20MP mk2 in the future, but that is likely a long ways off.
  2. Panasonic 12-60 purchased and on the way :)
    80MB/sec 64GB card also on the way.
    I can start shooting about mid next week :D
  3. Here's what you are looking for: Olympus E-M1 SD Card Speed Tests - Fastest memory card for EM1 - Camera Memory Speed Comparison & Performance tests for SD and CF cards
    The E-M1 is limited to about 33-34MB/s write speed. Faster cards have a slight benefit nonetheless once the memory buffer is filled.
  4. Dieter, I keep getting errors when I try to connect to the link.

    I got the 80MB/sec card.
    12-60 lens arrived today, so now I can start shooting :)

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