New Nikon Speedlight SB-28DX.

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  1. I was looking for another Nikon Speedlight for my Nikon FM3A and saw a SB-28DX being auctioned on It came on a clean N80 and a Nikkor 28mm-80mm lens, 1:3.3-5.6. I picked up the whole set-up for $101. The whole kit seems to be in very good condition. So I took the camera and the kit lens out for a test run with some Kodak Ultramax 400 that was onsale at CVS. This is from late Fall before the deluge of snow we have been having this Winter.

  2. Saturday in Grover Cleveland Park, Caldwell NJ.
  3. Inline pic.
  4. Fall garden.
  5. Up the path a little further.
  6. Place name.
  7. The upper pathway.
  8. Looking up.
  9. Looking back down the upper path.
  10. The last shot of the series. The Nikkor 28mm-80mm, 1:3.3-5.6 kit lens pleasantly surprised me. The camera and the lens are both gems. I have not used the SB-28DX yet, but am looking forward to using it. I picked up the MB-16 grip pictured from KEH separately.
  11. What does the title of the thread have to do with anything that's actually in the thread?
    You show a whole bunch of pictures where the SB-28DX wasn't used and also state that you haven't used it yet at all on the FM3A you bought it for.
  12. Ignore Dieter, I think he has his shorts in a wad. Of course, I get grumpy when I am on a diet also. I think you got a fantastic deal and I am jealous. I am glad you took the photos with the N80, which is my most recent camera, and I love it. Very nice photos.
  13. Nice find. And nice pics. I'd love to find a walk like that in the Seattle area. This is also giving me the itch to take my N80 out for a walk. Too bad everything's dead this time of year.
  14. @Dieter, I am sorry for the confusion. My point is, had it not been for the SB-28DX, I would not have the camera and lens used to take the photos in the above series.
    @James, thanks. The N80 is the most modern film camera I own. I was not sure whether I would have a hard time using the command dials and lcd, versus an aperture ring and shutter speed dial. I found it to be rather easy.
  15. Nice find. And nice pics. I'd love to find a walk like that in the Seattle area. This is also giving me the itch to take my N80 out for a walk. Too bad everything's dead this time of year.
    Fred, are you referring to Seattle, Kansas? I live in Bellevue, WA, across Lake Washington from Seattle, and from my perspective, the state is living up to its evergreen nickname. When the sun is shining, which been fairly common this winter, this area is one of the most beautiful places on earth.
  16. Lovely pictures Raymond. I have the same 28-80 lens that came with my N65. It really is a decent little lens, and featherlight too. An interesting tidbit- at the 80mm setting, you can actually set the aperture all the way down to f40. Just be aware that diffraction starts to have an affect on the sharpness when you get to about f16 or so.
  17. Nice kit. I strayed from my normal Pentax addiction to feed my curiosity & pick up a N80 + AF 28-70/3.5-4.5 D a couple of months ago that I haven't taken out yet. I think you got a pretty good deal.
    I like the 'up a tree' shot. Obviously the composition has been done a million times before but the colors & contrast are pleasing to me. The same goes for 'Looking back'...I wonder if what I'm seeing here is well-exposed film looking great in contrasty lighting that I'm so accustomed now to seeing digital struggle with.
  18. Thanks Fred, Cory and Andrew. Cory thanks for the heads up on the aperture f40 setting at 80mm.

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