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Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by steve2k, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. Has anyone heard anything about the new Nikon DSLR due to be released
    next week? I believe it's called the D2H. Any specs, features, etc?


  2. the official announcement is 07/22. everything else you are reading or hearing is
    rumor and speculation, and while some of it may turn out to be accurate, ANYONE
    who has signed a basic NDA has only seen a preproduction model that may not be
    fully featured and they certainly have not had time to really work with the camera.
    Those who have are wisely not talking.
  3. /I've/ heard that the new Nikon will not only be 20 MP, but it's also a juicer with pulp extractor, and it'll give your coat a glossy shine.
  4. Rob, if you are SURE about the shiney coat part, I'll put down a deposit at my local camera store TODAY!!
  5. If it doesn't have a Lemming Fur BikiniTM covering, I'm not gonna buy one. That'll teach 'em to not listen to consumers.
  6. What appears to be a leaked pdf file can be found here.

    The text is just filler, but the images appear to be real. The rear view on the third page is apparently the D2H with the rumored wireless transmitter attached.

    The camera looks pretty ugly if you ask me, but all that matters is its ability to take beautiful pictures. :)
  7. Wish I could read German, but some of the text (the slashed out part) is legible underneath. I noted two things...others may see more.

    First, it says the D2H will be 5.1 effective MP--much better than the 4MP that have been reported elsewhere for an "H" model--certainly the "X" model should be around twice that putting it on par with the 1Ds...At least I hope so.

    Second, I LOVE the AF selections--just where I've wanted them all along--looks like either 9 or 11 to select from!

    Can't wait until Tuesday...please please let the D2x be all I want!
  8. Personally I wouldn't trust the ruled-through specs in the .pdf - they list a fixed-mount 28-115mm (equiv.) zoom lens- which makes me think they're old P&S specs used as filler. Ignore 'em.

    Note the lenses REALLY being introduced, though - a 10.5mm full-frame fisheye and a 17-55mm f/2.8 zoom (28-85 equivalent @ 1.6x focal factor), as well as a long tele of some kind. (yes I can read the blurry 72dpi type on the lenses!) I presume these are redesigns intended for digital use only.
  9. I would also assume it has the new LBCAST type sensor that was announced today on dpreview. From the details in the article, it sounds like it will definitely be used in the D2 series and be available in fall!

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