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  1. I have just bought a New Minox LX (NOS). I thought that after using a Minox B for 10 years, I could have another one (!).
    The LX is a very interesting camera, and this one seems to operate perfectly. The autoexposure function is actually very handy.
    I have run a roll of film through it and will be interested to see the results. I also did a few comparison shots with the Minox B.
    This will be processed by Blue Moon since it is color.
    I could have shot Minopan and processed it an hour later, but I am reasonably satisfied that the camera works as advertised.
    At some future point I will try to post some color shots. There have been many excellent BW seen, but not too many color, to show what the camera is capable of, to those who might be interested.
    I recently had a 9 year old roll of film processed by Blue Moon (Minox color film) that had been stored in no particular manner. The prints looked fine!
    A roll shot earlier this year did not look as good (grainy, etc). At least it was in focus. After getting an entire roll back blurred from the other Lab in 2005, I basically put the Minox B away, thinking that it might have fallen and had its focus mechanism disturbed.
    But this roll of 2009 proved that was not the case.
    Anyway, I think that the 9 year old roll may have been MinoPro color. If there is that much difference between the two, it is too bad that Minopro is no longer available.
    If these new rolls are also grainy, I will have to see about splicing Ektar into the cassettes.
  2. Steve, My name is Lucinda K. I recently started to sell off much of my husbands extensive Minox Subminiature collection as he has agreed that we need to pair it down. The LX is great! Also the TLX as we have both and have shot many, many frames with them. However, we feel that the uncontested best of the electronic Minox subs is the Minox C. We have several and they are simply the best. Another bonus is that they utilize all the classic accessories. Back to the LX, however, we have found that it is super important that one change batteries regularly-even before they show signs of weakening. A new battery every few rolls of film is a cheap enough price to pay to ensure your shutter does not "unwind". A costly repair. Also, we have several Minox Developing Tanks, Mint condition, with and without the plastic rings added later to accommodate 15 & 36 exposure film cartridges. These are for sale. Thanks
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    My Minox LX BLACK
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    Titanium Minox TLX

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