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    History and experts tell a story today of the MacBook Pro, dismissing Eric's prejudge of this product without his experience:

    Get a 2016 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar for $700 off

    We really admired the 2016 MacBook Pro when it first came out, and the then-new Touch Bar led us to say that it has the “best bits of iOS in a really great Mac.”

    It’s such a good machine that it’s still a smart buy just a couple of years later. If you’ve been looking to upgrade but aren’t quite ready to face the prices for a 2017 model (which is essentially the same notebook but with some under-the-hood improvements), you can now pick up one of the most powerful versions of the 2016 rig from B&H for an impressive $700 off Apple’s price.
  3. For anyone who's interested, B&H is offering deep discounts on late 2016 to mid 2017 MacBook Pro computers, both 13" and 15".

    I took advantage of this offer for a 15" (2016) version similar to the 13" I bought over a year ago. I have come to depend on it so deeply, for both photography and multichannel audio recording, that i needed a backup. In a pinch, the 15" could serve as a backup for my iMac. At least I can share the set of (many) dongles.
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