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  1. "We believe the fix pushed for SSO (single sign on) should make things better - we've seen many that reported the issue say it has been resolved."

    Yes I can now navigate between pages and remain logged in. Thanks. Pages still load very slow. Small thing in the grand scheme but I still cannot get my selection for my country to stick. I reset it and it returns to the US.
  2. Gordon, I think that may be beyond Glenn's authority. That comes directly from an executive order issued by our new president! ;-)
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  3. I'm fairly sure that if anything, I shouldn't be allowed into the US, not the other way around. Although I gather that's currently the topic of some exciting debate...
  4. Not on my ipad. Believe I had seen it gone when I tapped the editing field yesterday, no such luck today.
  5. Fred, our prime minister is heading down south to meet with the Donald on Monday. I'll ask him to get this sorted out asap.
  6. Oh galleries and photos within are gone today. I am still calling this rollout Mistake #2. Glen - you are a nice man and trying hard...but this is another failure. So far you folks are in over your heads. REVERT...the new site does not meed my needs especially when the hard work I put in disappears...twice. Oh well...looks like I am headed toward Flicker. Glen: how can I get a refund of the money I have paid in for the remainder of 2017 and 2018?
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  7. I'm now seeing it again on Chrome/Linux desktop. I don't know what I was doing such that I didn't see it before, unless a fix was applied only temporarily.
  8. G-P

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    I see over 1700 photos in your portfolio which are by default sorted by "newest" and "all time" - (which can also be sorted by views, comments, admires as well as timeframe) did you have more than 1700 photos in your portfolio?
  9. Thank you 10000 times, but please REVERT and leave this site as it is, this will make it a fine piece of vintage internet, like an old library, much more friendly than another dpreviews
    My photos had been sorted in the order I determined I wanted them seen in each folder. That's what I want now.
    I'd like not to see that hideous big horizontal sliver of a photo as the folder icon.
    The avatars should be smaller or done away with or we should have the ability to turn them off. Note how often they remain empty.
    In my workspace, I have a new ability to IGNORE someone. What will that mean? They won't be able to comment on my photos? I won't see their posts in forums? Please explain.
    I can't find a list of new comments on my photos.
    I can't find a list of follow-up comments to my comments.
    I want my Fred G. screen name back.
    The time clock is wrong. On the lead-in to some forums, it claims the last post was made today at 3:30 PM, which hasn't happened yet on the US east coast.
    I shouldn't have to use HTML code to get a line break.
    MOST IMPORTANTLY, pages dedicated to photo viewing in galleries are too busy, too many icons. It's not a good viewing situation at all. I should be able to better isolate a photo on the page without feeling it's in competition with the page itself.
    I love the new draft feature in the forms.
    I like the way the new quote system works.
    I like being able to have private conversations with multiple members.
    I like the darker background for photos.
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  11. Where is the buy and sell? I can't find it and I had the misfortune of putting some items up for sale just before the changeover.
  12. Sorry if I haven't taken a lot of time to explore the new look, but that has been very difficult because it is so slow and cumbersome. I cetainly preferred the old site, but then again I'm an old codger who likes things that just work.
  13. Fred - at least one of the problems is solvable: to change to local time, click on your name in the upper right hand corner of this screen, then on "preferences" in the pull-down menu, and there you can choose whatever time zone you want. That's a feature I like a lot--previously I was having to subtract 3 hr to figure out when something was "really" posted. (the default here was GMT, which actually makes a lot of sense for an international site)
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  14. >decandido< I'm seeing your 1,739 photos and 16 galleries photos. (I'm using windows 10/Edge).
  15. Yup, I can see decandido's images too (Chrome, Linux).
  16. I think basically you can divide pn into two parts, like the two hemispheres of the brain, inter-related but with different basic functions - forum side and picture side. The forum side seems to be working pretty well and may even be an improvement. Works fine for me but I don't spend that much time there and your experience may differ. The other side of the brain seems to have suffered a stroke and is now partially paralyzed. The actual display of images is, I think, an improvement but in almost every other aspect from speed to navigation to folder layout (if you can even access them) to the ability to track comments and replies, the new version does not meet my needs or it seems the needs of most frequent users. This is especially true if you are involved with the community. If you simply post a limited number of images (say under 200), expect little or no feedback and have little in the way of a relationship with other members of this community - seldom comment or don't really expect or care about receiving comments - I'm sure this new version fits your needs perfectly. I think most of the members who are happy with the remake use this site as simply a basic way to display their images publicly without getting involved in much social interaction. I've checked and you can check for yourself. In short, the more you use pn as a member of an inter-related community, I suspect the more you question the new version. Finally, bear in mind my criticism here extends almost entirely to the picture side of the operation and not the forum side. That may have other issues but none that bother me so far.
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  17. I
    I just can't figure out how to use the site efficiently. It seems like I have to do a lot of looking just to find the stuff I'm looking for. Maybe I'm just whining.
  18. Safari and the newest OS I am using is Sierra.
  19. I am finding that lot of simple things that used to work no longer work for me, image upload works, but I can't find the image in my folder I have selected ( I only see it with all my other images) ; my image title, comments, tags, image category doesn't work - they just don't show up. Is there as fix for these issues?
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