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  1. Hello, this is probably not so important thing, but I can't change the country in my profile settings, it says "saved" but when I go back there, there is still the USA.
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  2. I think it's a symptom of things like the screen name change not sticking. Nothing I change in personal settings seems to do much.

    Incidentally, when I try to change my country, it's quite insistent that it wants an address. Given that I'm prone to posting "I'm on holiday" and "I own this list of expensive equipment" on this forum, I really don't want to give out that information...
  3. Teensy bit harsh. Unless a lot changed since this morning, I don't think the mobile site is ready. The desktop site has glitches, but relatively small ones that I hope the development team is fixing.

    Glenn et al: do you have an issue tracker that you could put somewhere? It would be great to know what issues have already been reported (to save duplicates), what you're working on (so we know when to check for things), and what things aren't likely to be fixed. I've no idea whether posts here are the preferred place.
  4. Btw, which page things appear on after you post seems to be a bit randomised...
  5. The new look is a step backwards. If you are going to change things they should be for the better. Don't see what the improvements are, if any. It used to be very easy to post an image in a forum but the new site makes it way more difficult (I still haven't figured out how yet).
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  6. If you click on "upload a file" you can point the browser at an image; once it's uploaded, you can choose whether to include the full image or a thumbnail in your post.

    I'd like to distinguish "actually broken" from "not obvious to people used to the old way of doing things". Some documentation (which it would have been nice to have in advance, but hey) for the latter would certainly be welcome, and since I had essentially no objections about the old site (except possibly its searchability) most of the changes are negative for me - but there are enough teething troubles that we can help the dev team find that I think we can try to beat the site into shape without necessarily having to throw everything out - even if knowing what we're trying to gain would make me feel better about it.

    My mobile experience aside, this attempt is much nearer to ready for the prime time than the last effort. I hope we can try to support the dev team without necessarily resorting to throwing out every attempt they make to redesign things. I assume they're doing it for a reason.
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  7. ted_marcus|1

    ted_marcus|1 Ted R. Marcus

    It's a bit of a shock to see the long-time look of replaced with a completely new look. It's certainly "fresher" and more "modern" than the old software, which I suppose is an extremely important consideration for the desirable young demographic that advertisers exclusively care about. I'll reserve judgment about whether the new is an improvement until I've spent some time with it.

    The only complaint I have is the weird way the system displays user names. I'm "ted_marcus|1" which presumably means it's trying to distinguish me from another account I created something like 15 years ago but abandoned in favor of a new account, possibly because I forgot the password (I don't remember what happened). I was able to add a more human name through the user profile, but that displays under the weird generated name. It's really not for me to question the wisdom of designers who are far smarter than I am, but I don't think that's the best way to identify users in forums.
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  8. C,mon - you can do way better.................

    Another 24 hrs goes by and I'm still being logged off after a couple of minutes of no activity, I can't link my images to other places online as there is no right click functions and my hiddeen images are no longer accessible........

    I'm sure hours in front of the screen and I'll get used to navigating the new site but the glitches are many and varied and not being repaired........yet..........

    I really want to continue my nearly 10 year long subscription but I'm beginning to wonder...........
  9. There doesn't appear to be an option (or at least easily visible) for viewing unified threads from multiple forums. Can someone advise whether this is still an option?
  10. The unified forum view was very useful. I don't have time to read through hundreds of recent posts to see if there is anything relevant to my work.
  11. Craig/Alan: There's a "new posts" link at the top of the main forum view, which appears to work cross-thread. Is this what you're after?
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  12. On first impression the look is mostly okay. There will be a learning curve sorting out the new layout and a lack of any tutorials, faqs page is a big hindrance. The font size for the photographer's name below the photo is the smallest font on the page? I would have thought the photographer would be a more important piece of text than the image title? Despite the clean new look, the functionality, at least at this point, has taken a big step backwards. Not only do I have to sign in every time I return but I am also signed out every few minutes while I am looking around? The site is slower than it was with page load times and upload times being longer. I think there is potential here, but clearly there is much work to be done. After the last train wreck of a launch, I would have thought the basics would have been sorted before a relaunch. Is there any way to replace the hideous blue and green bokeh image at the top of my pages with an image of my own? I looked around to see if there was such an option but came up empty.
  13. I miss seeing the photostream of those I follow. I think the rating system should be re-thunk and brought back in a better more neutral and more fair way. I am glad it is gone in the form that it used to be. I am sure there is a way to make it more useful and less reliant on popularity (the social butterflies ranking higher than the seldom posters). It was fun to go to the gallery and see the highest ranked photos in the past 24 hours, 3 days, 3 months etc... I do like that you can post larger image sizes but I find the site really slow and its not my connection as other sites are fast enough. Its pretty enough. Thanks.
  14. You can choose a pic, click on it to see the options, make top cover, but you can't resize to fit oddly.
  15. This really ought to be a quick fix - there are a load of cookies (although I can't say how many are from the old site) with short expiration periods. I assume at least some of them ought to be set never to expire. That should be a simple web server configuration change.
  16. Thanks Marie or should I say mhc :)
  17. Don't like the new site.....can't find anything including old equipment reviews written by myself and Phillip.
  18. "the wisdom of designers who are far smarter than I am" Ted M.
    That's pretty funny Ted...
    It's taking my high volume internet, powerful & speedy computer, an average of eleven seconds to go to a next photograph !
    Plus, they haven't archived or designed a retrievable way to access an archive. This would be the thoughtful & time consuming
    customer written, service reviews. i.e. "Wedding Photographers" and "Camera Repair"

    This site shouldn't only be about 'pictures', but instead a full service one stop photography lovers venue...
  19. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    The new look is fine.. just gotta get used to finding where everything is.

    BUT... its sooooo slow n chugs along like an old woman with a walker.

    hope this is just something that is being worked on in beta testing?

    I also noticed when leaving to the home screens in forums or anywhere else.. im not logged in anymore although using the back arrow in my browser will bring me back to where I am logged in again.

    also no place to upload an avitar in the settings?
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  20. Hate to pile on, but ...

    - When you write a reply in a forum, your first words automatically appear over the "Write your reply ..." and because the default font is so light colored it just looks like a jumble of mixed up characters. I suppose there is a way to change your font? I've tried a few things without luck.

    - In "Trending" gallery, why does one have to scroll to the bottom to see latest entries? First off, it takes forever to get to the bottom. There is little scrolling allowed before you have to click "Show More." I clicked four or five times and still didn't hit bottom. It's very frustrating especially since the site is so slow. Also ... this is not how "Editor's Picks" gallery works. There, you can choose "Newest" to bring all the latest photos to the top. Why don't all galleries operate like that?

    - Buttons labeled "Cate" make no sense. I believe you are attempting to abbreviate "category." I can not find any reference to "cate" being an appropriate abbreviation for the word "category." Instead, should be using "Cat" or the less utilized "Categ." I believe calling it "Cate" is confusing especially to new users.

    - In forum posts, what happened to the little colored icons that appeared with poster's names ... the ones that indicated years of membership, helpfulness, etc.?

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