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  1. So, why are we not using our preferred screen names, instead of the ancient PN account user name, which has NEVER been what was displayed? Editing my profile's screen name doesn't appear to revise the name displayed under the avatar that's now being presented in forum threads. If the screen name field doesn't change what's displayed (on the screen!), what's the point of making that user definable?
  2. Please go back to the "No Words" forum and see what's keeping my 400x700, 155kb file from going in. . . Your stary night is there, PFM?? Bill
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    We can look into that - I am fairly sure it is
    Must be a settings issue - we can look into the user name
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    Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 2.52.35 AM.png [UOTE="bill_bowes, post: 5480586, member: 287732"]Please go back to the "No Words" forum and see what's keeping my 400x700, 155kb file from going in. . . Your stary night is there, PFM?? Bill[/QUOTE]

    Are you clicking on "upload file" as shown below?
  5. I spend a half-hour just to find a way to replay, make a comments here. It is a colorful disaster, difficult to navigate no logic,commands strewn all over. I think, I'm finis with this new website. To bad I paid my feed for this year.
    And hardly can I see this bloody light grey text too.. I not going to post anymore and my remove,if I can a whole images of this an-logical web site. Confusig, hard to read the text, UGLY UGLY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .UGLY
  6. i like it !

    is there a page for bugs+fixes ?

    just in case this is it ...

    when i wrote in this reply box ... the "Write your reply..." didn't vanish when i type this note
    ( when i clicked on the "more options" tab to preview the post &c it looks normal/right
    i'm using safari ( newest version )
  7. OK, I found the function "watched forums", and since it did NOT reflect my previous choices in "unified", I patiently went through the list and marked each forum I was interested in, including how I did or not want to be notified about each. So I AM trying. Also finding out how to get to my list of followed photographers, or at least their latest image posts.....
  8. Question: How do you set the visibility of individual folders? Question#2: How do you find out which of your pictures has received a new comment? (previously, "recently commented on pictures). Question #3:How can you find out if there is any follow up on your comments? Question#4: How do you send a message to other members? Question #5: Is there still a list of comments you have made on other member's photos?
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  9. I'm going to wait a month before taking any decision. If all will remain as it is just now, I will have to delete my portfolio from this site.
  10. That might be better, I think. To me, "community" includes user portfolios etc.

    I remember this suggestion from last time; may I ask what the goal of an app is? From my perspective, it's extra storage, a potential security risk, a compatibility headache, and likely to interact less well with other activities in the browser; I trust you'll support having a large number of tabs open, as I do in the browser? If there's a good reason for an app, so be it, but if it's just duplicating the web then I'd much rather the web interface worked properly. Nothing I do here needs more than a browser, so I'm concerned that this is a false goal.
  11. Just to add a word of positivity, Chrome on Linux (desktop) is appreciably better-behaved than the mobile view. Avatars/names are to the left rather than doubling the length of each post, most of the interface basically works (give or take tiny grey text on a white background, which isn't the most legible thing I've seen, and the "Write your reply" text that doesn't go away). Without JavaScript I can't log in (so much for my fifty tabs open in Firefox). In Chrome (with JavaScript), I don't seem to have a way to get rid of the paginated thread view, and I think I'm missing a way to sort threads by latest new thread (the old default) rather than latest post, but it's at least at the "niggles" stage rather than "unusable". I'd quite like my messages back, though...
  12. This new site is a total distaster.

    I cannot even copy and paste image.

    I can only copy the link
    and photonet new site lost the former ability of
    display INLINE photo,
    instead showing a series of https links, one need to click on the link to see picture

    Disaster, disaster.

    Give me back the old site, which is 100 time better!!!!
  13. Perhaps if Glenn et al. could share the goals of the redesign we might be more sympathetic? We're all going to notice things that have stopped working quite quickly (even if they're hopefully short-term bugs), but it's going to take us longer to notice improvements. It's much easier to put up with inconveniences if we know what we're getting in return. :)
  14. Incidentally, I'd grumbled somewhere about not being able to sort forum threads by start date. I've realised that's what the "Start Date" header does; so good that the feature is still there, but it seems to be missing from the mobile view.

    I'm beginning to think that forcing my phone into desktop site mode for would be advisable. I'll see whether that does any better.
  15. I like the fresh look and functionality, but still a lot of bugs to work out. It doesn't seem to frame well in Safari. It is a bit like landing on a new planet. I suspect there will be a pretty steep learning curve.
  16. Well the new site does need to be tweaked allright - but overall it has a "cleaner" look. The best added feature is on your Portfolio page you have a blue background for your photos, and a optional Black background upon clicking the page. (However, I couldn't find the photo delete/remove icon).
  17. Why on Earth did you not keep the user's forum preferences? I still have no interest in Leica. That won't change. I had hidden that forum from the list of posts I see.
  18. Found a bug when uploading an image into a gallery. It shows that I am entering a name and description of the image but when I save it and the image appears in the gallery the title and description are not there. I tried several times to update it but it would do the same thing everything.
    Also, a question? Can one only now join for one year at a time? I see no way to join for the three year option?
  19. A main button should take us to the forums. I am not sure people will know to look in "Community" or "member posts" - and these navigation links are very small. Suggest you relabel it to "member posts/forums" or similar. Do we really need such a large image on the home page? On my monitor all the main entry links are reached only by scrolling down - surely not an ideal situation as you don't see them when you first get to the site.

    I am also disappointed to see that the forum threads seem now to be sorted by when the latest reply arrived. This is done with most other sites, but I regard it as retrograde, as it encourages people to just post on popular threads, and it is also confusing as a post to an ancient thread will suddenly promote that thread to the top, encouraging more people to post on an ancient thread that could be many months or years old and no longer relevant to the original poster or to most of us.
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    Still not ready for prime time; roll back the old site. Sorry!

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