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  1. TTTTT This seems a very poorly thought out replacement (it must be the season for poorly considered roll outs!) There is a net loss in useful features, emphasis on style and not on functionality or usability. Again a complete overhaul with little regard to member input. Oh, and did I add it's much slower and clunkier than what it replaced?
    Write your reply.
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    Wayne - spend some time on the site before you go off - I don't think you spent more than 15 minutes before you sent your first critique - I assure you - most if not all of the functions are there and they are better. Just because its not the same as it was before doesn't mean its not there in a slightly different form. Keep in mind ,a lot of effort went into this upgrade so please spend 30 minutes to get familiar with your new surroundings. You/we all want a thriving community and our testing has proven that new users will "get" this site more than they "got" the old one.
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    Sorry you feel that way Jack. We're not saying optimizations won't be made - and we never said it would be perfect. I assure you the old site was not perfect either, so our quest for perfection continues. Thank you for your continued support.
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    The function you are looking for is "watched forums"
  5. it possible to put the most recent comments at the top of the thread. It is time consuming to page through all comments to finally read the most current on at the bottom of the thread.
  6. Ugly, ugly and ugly. Please don't crop my images to oblivion. The logics of the menus totally an-logical. I don't care about the background and a bigger but butchered thumbnail images which is no longer thumbnail, it is a butchered images. Simple is better and the original format, arrangement was much, much better, viewable, simple and original. I don't b l d care about the colorful background. To rearrange photos in the gallery is creasy, it is not shifting the whole role to the left or right, and the image inserted replacing the image all ready there and the image now goes to the moved image place, which is not the action I like to have, I like to have the system to work as worked before. To rearrange the galleries listing is not working. That mach in the first hour, get tired, live the b l d computer.
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  7. Glen:
    "will come out in an FAQ I will publish"
    well the time the FAQ is most needed is at the time of change. and it's not available. that's an explicit example of what I mean by bad implementation. The screen shot supplied is for "new posts", as you said, what I miss from the unified is that my unified was different from others', and I could filter out posts from categories I wasn't interested in, rather than having to drill down. How long will I have to STUMBLE around without a guide to find the features I mentioned "my recent comments/critiques" or what even is the appropriate term? Also, I had a personal field in the details section of each of my photos where I could note what forum I had posted the photo to. That was largely for my own information, so I could keep track, also of possible interest to others. Now the details section is gone. If I sound negative, so be it. I have enjoyed this site for quite a while because of it's own flavour, and quality of content from a number of people. The new navigation is frustrating enough without a guide, loss of features I valued is added to that. Albeit, I might be mollified with time, as you say.
  8. I doubt that I will subscribe again - what a disappointment. I want the choice of blocking nudes - no more ratings - comments are difficult to see and make - thumbnails are butchered - can't find where I can set my camera, tech details - I'll keep giving it a chance, but very disappointing so far.

  9. mlm

    I take offense with your attitude that we're obstructionist to the "new" norm. I've been around computers since the Trash 80's and have always (well, the majority of the time) embraced new technology and change. This design doesn't fit the category of improvements. If I, as a 10 year member, can't find my way around and can't keep up with my and my image comments easily then it's just pretty pictures flashing by and I can see those on most any site. And please don't start that "new users' will "get it" crap again (like the last rollout), it's an insult to your current paying customers. This version is impersonal and cold, no sense of community connection at all. That said, I'm going to take your challenge and spend a few days poking around, maybe I'll be enlightened. Mike Mancil
  10. My private view 'galleries' ie image files I used for online posting indicate that they are empty once I enter that gallery - I had over 500 images in one of them of which I refered to many repeatedly. Just uploaded a fresh pair of images to one private gallery and same deal - cannot click on the image and access the image data and the gallery indicates there are no images in that gallery..........

    I'm also finding that I am not staying logged in for long enough - is there an adjustment I can make to stay logged on for longer or is there an auto nil activity log out activated?

    And whilst I'm having a good sook - this new takes way too long to load up - and there is nothing wrong with my internet connection........... The 'My Account' section insists that I fill in my address detail and yet it offers Australia as an option but only offers USA states as an option to fill in the data box, this is simply way too America centric and a bit of an oversight.

    Personally I prefered the old site, nothing was broken with it for the 10+ years I subscribed to it - i found it quite logical and 2nd nature to flow through the menus, this new set up is too scatterlogical to my way of thinking. Maybe if I sit in front of this for hours I might find everything I used to browse on but I say if it anint broke - don't fix it.

    ....and......... why do my paragraph breaks disappear when I post? C'mon you can do (and did) much better than this.
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  11. I don't understand why to destroy a good running old stuff and why to certainly implement something standard (like at all sites with images).

    I wrote about this before, after the first attempt of deploying a new version of the site, and repeat it now:
    I'll not post photos here (in such a "new" version) and even will be forced to delete all my previous photos, because all my albums (and, rather, almost square previews of my photos) look extremely ugly now and discredit my portfolio.
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  12. Glenn...the old version of PN used to keep me logged in. This one does not. Every time I leave the site I must re-login again when I return. My photos in my portfolio are butchered so badly that you can't recognize. Guess I will delete all of them. I am very disappointed in the version of PN. It is not an improvement at all.
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  13. Well, I have to say the second page of this thread is displaying, so if that was a fix, thank you!

    Glenn: you're going to have an uphill struggle here because us regulars wouldn't be here if we weren't at least fairly happy with the old site design. Most changes are negative for me so far, but I'll reserve judgement and take some pain if the site is better for others, and see if I can find things that are improvements for me. Good luck with the roll out and fire fighting - though I still wish it had been a little more of a collaborative effort (several of us have some user interface training...)
  14. I surrender...I can't upload a file to NO WORDS forum. What a disaster
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    If you look at your photos within Explore Tab you will see that the thumbnails are not square as you suggest they are - their aspect ratio is in line with what the original photo intended. Also - if you click on the photo - the lightbox we developed is extremely straight forward and I think a tremendous improvement over our old presentation - which would break the page. We did our best to produce a stage where the photo could be seen without distractions but ALSO and equally as important be found so it could be shared and discussed..which is one of the primary reasons we upload photos here isn't it?
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    Just tested No Words - worked for me.
  17. Just navigating for a few minutes and it seems to be a step in the right direction. Actually more than that, particularly my Photographs look better. I don't know if thats because the backdrop is different that causes the illusion that the Photographs look better or what, but at least there is a cleaner look to them. The resolution issue full screen still looks compressed, but again a step in the right direction. I presume there will be some fine tuning to follow.
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    Re Finding forums: How about we drop the "community" and just go with "forums" in the main nav?

    Re Android and iOS - much of this effort is grounded in being able to create apps - old system was from mid-90s, not exactly app time period. New system, app making friendly - again core reason for the new system, both front and and back end.
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    Sad you feel disrespected my friend. Clearly not our intent.
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    Yes sir:
    Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 2.29.00 AM.png

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