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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by davidrabinowitz, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. Thank you Glen and staff for working hard to better the site. We can no longer rate photographs though. I’ll miss that. Is there any chance of adding it back?
  2. G-P

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    You are welcome David! This will come out in an FAQ I will publish, but short answer is Ratings is now done via "Admire" but also Favorite, view and comment. The more engagement a photo gets - the higher it will "rank" on I know its not how we have done it in the past, but many photographers suggested we explore alternative rating methods. Now - the question of what happened to old ratings - those are converted into admires. 7 = full admire, 6 = .75 admire, 5 = .5 admire, 4 = .25 and so on.
  3. Yes, this looks much better than last year's attempt and so far I haven't seen any major glitches. The forums page looks modern and friendly. I hope, the new rating system will allow many different types/genres of photos to be highlighted, besides eye candies or nudes.
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  4. BTW, none of my old emails and conversations are showing up in the inbox. Its completely empty. Is this behavior common to all?
  5. Help me out. I can't use this website. My home page no longer comes up. I can't even find my name in the directory.
    What do I need to do>
    Marvin Sodicoff
  6. Ah, there's an inbox! I wondered. Would I get it by clicking on my user name (which has a 0 next to it), except that it doesn't seem to work on Chrome/Android?
  7. It is right below the Community and Upload buttons on the top menu.
  8. QUOTE="marvin, post: 5480499, member: 705125"]Help me out. I can't use this website. My home page no longer comes up. I can't even find my name in the directory.
    What do I need to do>
    Marvin Sodicoff[/QUOTE]

    Go to the top of the page. Below where it says "Community", there is a link with your user name (for me, it says Supriyo, see the screenshot below). Move your mouse over it (don't click). Another menu will open with a link to your profile page.

    Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 5.58.28 PM.png
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    Marvin - looks like you're using the forums just fine! What can we help you with?
  10. I don't get it, the one aspect of the previous PN that made it unique over 500PX and other sites was the personal interaction between members. Where in this new version can I see that I've received new comments (photos attracted "View") and where can I see that there are follow-up comments on others' photos that attracted my attention? It's sterile and I'm going to miss being able to keep up with comments.

    I made this comment on the previous failed attempt and see no reason (yet) to change it. This is just a warmed up version of 500PX and not user friendly at all.

    Do the program designers even use this site or is this just an academic exercise?

    Mike Mancil
  11. "Where in this new version can I see that I've received new comments (photos attracted "View") and where can I see that there are follow-up comments on others' photos that attracted my attention?"

    I also want to know, how I can do that. I think its very important. Also, the lack of paragraph breaks is killing us.
  12. Echo and amplify MLM's comments.
    This is a mess.
    Where do I find out if a photo of mine has received a new comment?
    Where do I follow-up on comments I have made to find out if there are new comments, or responses to a comment I have made ie. a conversation?
    As he said, the community aspect seems to be f***'d.
    Same with forum posts. How do I check back on my most recent posts to a forum?
    The design change is pointless, and the implementation seems to be pretty damned bad.
    It would be worth putting up with a bit of a learning curve for worthwhile, productive changes;
    but I am faced with a confusing interface and no rewards.
  13. The new organization of the forums into subcatagories is a step backwards. Used to be that we could each customise our forum views by checking or unchecking which forum posts appeared.
    No more.
  14. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    How do you put words in quotes, so you can respond to them?

    Three lines of text for the input box is inadequate as one click on scroll wheel of the mouse and my message disappears

    I like that when we go submit/more options/preview, it's nicely done and we actaully get a decent size for the input box. But a bug is that when you wish to edit, you can't use the mouse scroll wheel to see your post, you have to use the down arrow on keyboard to reveal your body of text. I'm on Windows and Chrome

    Thanks Glen, I like it so far.
  15. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    It seems that paragraph breaks are not reconized either :)
  16. My first reaction is very negative. In the forums, if you have the page set wide, there's tons of white space between each reply. White space can be useful, but unless I use a magnification that doesn't let me read the replies, I can only see about four replies per page. And where is the indication of how long someone has been a member?
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  17. Major redesign includes elimination of FAQ!
    At a time when a little help in navigation of the site is most likely going to be difficult because of the changes!
    Definition of disrespect for users and poor design.
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  18. On Chrome/Android, my name appears ABOVE the community and upload buttons - and nothing happens when I click on it. But it's good to know that's the right thing to use if it worked! I'll try some other platforms later...
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    How long have you been online and navigating the new site before you shot off those critiques? Most if not all of the features you seek are here - I grant you this is not the old - things are not where they once were, but if you give it a little time you might find that you will get used to it. Attached is a screenshot of where you will find what used to be called "unified" is now called "new posts" which for new users is a better description of where to find all of the...hutthumm, new posts.

    Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 9.47.19 PM.png
  20. Glenn: is there a design document you could share? For those of us prone to reading camera manuals before we buy, something that described all the site features and how they're accessed would be a good leg-up on the new design. (I'm reserving most judgement/comments until I get a PC out, other than to request some mobile view testing on Android, but I'm sure there'll be a lot of features that people are just failing to locate. It took me a while to find the forums, for example...)

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