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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by james phillips, Sep 23, 2002.

  1. I have just been over to the new LF forum that Bjorn and the others have been hard at work on. These are the people from Tuan's site that said they would get another site working. Well my congratulations goes out to them because it is now working splendidly!
    Bjorn has posted a message that "Now, most things are done, so please go ahead and test the forum. There are of course more to come, but I think that the basic functionality is there now." There are already some questions and answers there and more building everyday.
    Here is the link click here to the site. Hope to see you over there.
  2. Well looks like I need to study my HTML because I goofed up the link. Here is is in plain text so that you can get there properly.

    Sorry about that.
  3. I just visited the new site, and it looks great. Is this forum at only temporary? I can't figure out why there is a nearly identical forum out there unless this one is going away.


  4. Gaah, hoo hummm. I'm not sure if we were to go that much public with the testing, but never mind.
    The forum is almost done. The functionality of the forum is there, but some of the links in the headers doesn't work the way they should. The q and a stuff does work as intended though.
    Another thing is that whatever you post in that forum may not be carried over to the new place. (If we move that is!!!) There was never any intention to run the forum from the site, as I only use it for testing purposes.
    The server is physically located in Sweden, for whatever that matters. I would like to find out how you people on the other side of the puddle (the Atlantic that is) feel about response times etc. But all of that could and should be discussed in that forum and not this one.

    About the look and feel of the forum: It was my and Tuan's intention to have it look and feel the same as the old LUSENET. We think that it's a good idea to have things the way the community is used to. There are a few small differenties and we might add some more. The programming language and the database are different though, so all of the development is done from scratch.

    See ya all over here, ehh there, ehh never mind.
  5. Curtis, if you'd like to learn a bit about the history
    of the QA Forum and why it might move away from,
    please see
    This is only my perspective, but there will be a vote.
  6. Bjorn,

    In regards to response time on the present site here is my take. So far the response time on is as good as and most times better than here at (I am doing this from Western Canada on an ADSL line) Unless there is a compelling reason why you wish to relocate the message forum, I do not see why you would bother to do such a thing.

    My two bits for what it may be worth.
  7. Looks like it's off to a good start. Thanks for all your labor and effort!
  8. The change to 'contribute an answer' so that you get to see all the responses as well as the question will be IMO very useful.
  9. Good point, Colin. That feature is being missed a lot.

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