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Discussion in 'Pentax' started by subho basu, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. I don't know whether you guys are already discussing about it.

    I am drooling.
  2. I'd be interested in a photo review of the 55mm. My thought was that they had a nice sharp image area in the 50's when used on a digital crop sensor and have since figured that a slightly narrower FOV would really bring the images to a tack sharp corner to corner state. My guess is this is aimed directly at the portrait and fine-art folks. Not to exclude the photojournalist-up-close with the fast SDM focusing system either. And,.. what average Joe wouldn't want it? If of course what I think is true is indeed true.
  3. Worthy note: AF/MF focusing switch on lens! On a 55mm!

    Does that mean a brutally simple, metal, full-frame-digital with batteries on steroids is coming down the pipe?
  4. Subho, I think people have been discussing the 60-250mm for the last 2 years or so :-D

    I'm hoping some kind soul will send me the DA* 55mm on loan for a couple of weeks so I can test it. I don't see myself buying it, but I hope it sells well.

    Tom, if what I think is true, is true, then I think what you think is true is indeed true. 'nuff said.
  5. Mis - Meaning, what I think is true could be pocky cock... No doubt about it.,
  6. Lets just hope that it isn't pocky cock... Finger's/Toe's crossed
  7. If you think in terms of their view equivelent on film bodies, the 55mm would indeed replace the former excellent FA
    85mm f/1.4, and the new zoom would be near comparable to a 90-400mm, and at f/4 constant aperture. Not too
  8. trw


    We're running out of roadmap!

    Here there be dragons!

    Or maybe tilt/shift?
  9. Roadmap gone rogue..

    It ends... And millions of k-mount ff and dslr users live as one happy family, nearly, forever...

    Alternative theory, 'The Road-Map' is replaced with a new and special optical goodies 'roadmap' that supports the new and risque' 'electronic age' that Pentax is competing within.. Seriously folks, go FF glass and camera or, go home!

    Though a middle-ground approach fits well within the Pentaxian communities wishes.
  10. trw


    There's enough lenses on the roadmap that I don't own yet to keep me going for a quite while.

    Honestly, how many internet fights have been battled because of it?

    I hope Pentax just sticks with the Canikon system of releasing stuff when they feel like it.

    Anyway, as far as lenses, other than the 15mm I'm good. The 70mm is still on my list but not anywhere near a priority.

    What I want now is a body that is worthy of the Limiteds...nuff said!
  12. Ok I'm a little confused, I dono if I'm just jumping the gun here, but under Main Features it says for the *55:

    "#1. When mounted on a PENTAX digital SLR camera body, this medium-telephoto lens offers a focal length of 84.5mm in the 35mm format. Coupled with its large F1.4 maximum aperture, it is ideal for portraiture applications."

    Is it just a bad sentence or just me?
  13. Nope it's essentially the DA replacement of the FA* 85mm
  14. prasanth, the 55mm will offer a field-of-view equivalent to what an 84.5mm lens would on a film camera.

    I wish we, as a photographic community, would move on and forget the frickin 35mm-equiv. I hate having to write it every time focal lengths are discussed.
  15. Hear hear Misere. It must be very confusing for people that started with DSLR photography and have no
    reference point whatsoever when it comes to 35mm focal lengths. 50mm is 50mm it just looks a bit
    different now than in the stone age (and don't give me the "but with FF..."). Most people don't shoot FF,
    and I don't seem to remember that we needed to say what equivalent medium format focal length it was
    when talking about M, F or FA lenses.
  16. I recently found a 58mm 1.7 mamiya M42 lens that I have been enjoying for "portraits" of my girls. I like it more than the 50mm length so far, although I may be hallucinating. The 55 F1.4 sounds sweet....

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