New Lens Factory In Germany

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  1. I saw a blurb about this somewhere online, so I looked a bit further. Seems interesting! Looking around a bit more, however, it seems as of yet there's no M mount and the lenses seem aimed straight at digital mirrorless photography. Sign of the times?

    Meyer Optik Görlitz Opens New Lens Factory in Hamburg, Germany
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  2. Go west young person!

    It may be a new factory, but Meyer Optik was, from 1946 to the end of the DDR, the main supplier of cheaper lenses for the products of VEB Pentacon and its relatives. Not bad, but generally not up to the standards of Carl Zeiss, Jena.

    The Domiplan was the nadir, but the Primoplans were usually quite decent:


    What a classic building though!
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  3. Who are you calling a young person? Meyer has been making lenses since 1896. Not just from 1946...
    Plasmats, for instance.

    However, the trade name "Meyer Optik Görlitz" has been acquired by a startup company called OPC Optics, operating for about 5 years now. Not in Görlitz, but in Bad Kreuznach. So though the name has some tradition, the lenses they produce are OPC lenses under another name, made in another place.
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  4. Not much left for the vulture capitalists to pick off the bones. Seems another lesson in the folly of trusting that suckers will line up to buy an embalmed brand name slapped on an iffy product. Huge QC improvements in Chinese-made manual lenses doomed this kind of reanimation--never mind the shellacing the brand took for the Kickstarter con. Anyone sniff the unmistakable odor of vaporware?
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  5. Of course, but my discussion was to the question of the "elite" status of the marque.

    It was making inexpensive standard lenses for the Exakta and Praktica lines, among others, under the Workers' and Peasants' State.

    I do have one Meyer that IS a sort of favorite, but it only has the 'exterior' Exakta mount for outsize lenses, so I haven't been able to adapt it to more 'recent' cameras. Its mass alone is impressive:
    Meyer Görlitz Telemegor 400mm f/5,5
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  6. In their early days and the days they used the help of Paul Rudolph, they were not bad.
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