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  1. So here is a clip from the web site

    "Neutral color rendition, 1/2000 exposure times, large measuring
    basis, focus shift within the depth of field, AE lock, distortion
    under 1% - how does it all fit together? On Sept. 29, 2004 at 3
    p.m., we'll show you the solution ? where else, but at our booth at
    Photokina 2004. We look forward to seeing you there. Hall 1.2, booth
    B040. Opens at 10 a.m."

    It probably has a metal shutter with the 1/2000. But is it digital?
  2. Urgh! Who's at Photokina?! Please go and find out and put us out of this misery!
  3. "Neutral color rendition"

    Isn't there a clue here?
  4. Nobody has speculated if the lens in interchangeable. Based on post above, I suspect it is not. Disappointing!
  5. Neutral color could very well be a lens thing.

    I think it's most likely that the camera has interchangeable lenses, that's why there's the
    little button by the lens and the clue about the changing framelines.
  6. It's the 28th, not the 29th.
  7. I predict--

    The new Zeiss RF is the Cosina / Voigtlander R2A or R3A painted
    silver. The frames may well be the same as the R2 cum Rollei 35:

    If I'm wrong I'll celebrate.
  8. Alex - since the rangefinder base is longer than any Cosinas, including the R2A/R3A, even if they adapted the CV, it still has a different RF.
  9. Black and white only ("Neutral color rendition")

    3200 speed film only(thus the 1/2000 shutter speed)

    No aperture adjustments ("AE lock")

    Everything in focus so you can shift your eyes to look at what you want("focus shift")

    Zeiss lens ("distortion under 1%")

    Single use throw away design("how does it all fit together")

    vic... :)
  10. >>Urgh! Who's at Photokina?! Please go and find out and put us out of this misery!i>

    Carsten Bockermann should be back in Köln by now and he mentioned he would go to Photokina. I hope he posts his findings.
  11. It's a film camera, distribuited (at least in Italy) from hasselblad, and marked ZEISS IKON, M mount.

    Still don't know the price. I have a friend at the FOWA (contax-Hasselblad distribution in Italy) who told me the secret.

    Just wait, it will be this..

  12. It appears that this confirms a new body and lens(es). I think it will be a new rangefinder body because it doesn't look to me at all like the new C/V models (rangefinder, hot shoe...). Surely the "large measuring basis" refers to the apparent long rangefinder base length we see between the two windows. It obviously is metered, with auto exposure (otherwise what would "AE lock" mean?). To me, "neutral color rendition" sounds like a description of the digital sensor (I hope!). It could, of course, be referring to the lens, but while Zeiss lenses have traditionally been known and touted for their color rendition, "neutral" isn't usually the word used for it. This is usually the kind of description reserved more for film than a lens ad, and so I'm guessing digital. The 1% distortion, however, does seem to clearly refer to the lenses, probably wide angles, so it seems that this is a new system. The wide angle guess would fit with the 1:2 aspect ratio that keeps popping up, but it is also clearly interchangeable, so maybe a new line of lenses? The 1:2 ratio also makes sense of what appears to be a longer body than others, also making room for the long baselength. Finally, the "focus within depth of field" is strange, but to me it sounds like it might refer to the lenses having depth of field scales and being able to be manually focused, as opposed to the G system autofocus lenses. How does it all fit together? I think it's a new digital rangefinder system that will basically be a little brother (sister?) to the X-pan, with 1:2 sensor, a line of manual focus lenses, and all made by Zeiss. If the mount was, at the same time, compatible with G or M lenses and could switch to a standard ratio image on the sensor, this would be very interesting indeed. We'll see tomorrow!
  13. Well, the abandoned logo Zeiss-Ikon came back after almost 30 years, at least on one camera. It will give Leica one more "headache".
  14. With that hinge on the shutter release side of the camera, there is no way this is going to be a digital camera - if it was a hinge for a LCD screen the thing would be in the way when holding the camera. I buy the Hassleblad-made film camera theory.
  15. Here is a photo from Photokina. There is a Leica M7 camera in Zeiss' booth. So there must be a few new Zeiss lenses for Leica M....
  16. the picture above is shocking to me if from the zeiss booth. in
    addition to the m7 there is also a new bessa r2a (in fact several)
    and a whole host of CV lenses (any seizz 35mm RF lenses
    thrown in??). if this pic is for real, we can be sure there will be M
    mount lenses from zeiss. a digital m mount?? no way.
  17. That is indeed an interesting picture if it came from the Zeiss booth at the show, but, what time is it in Germany right now? Surely it's not late enough for the show to have opened already, but if not, where did the pic come from?
  18. Most of the cameras you can't make out for sure. I don't see the R2A but the silver camera in front of the M7 is a Rollei 35 RF (AKA Bessa R2).
  19. The picture is from
  20. This is indeed from Photokina. A shutterbug sneaked in and took lots of pictures. This is one of those pictures. Looking at the back of those silver lenses, they match the front RF camera in color. So I would assume we have at least a few M mount Zeiss lenses. But of course, it may just be those lenses that are licensed to Rollei: i.e.: 40mm, 50mm, and 80mm.
  21. What the hell are these? <p> <img src =>
  22. Those are for movie.
  23. That logo is Cameraunion's. These four Chinese letters stand for: Color, Shadow, No, Limit. My translation for them is The Absolute Image.

    Xitek is a famous net ID in China, equivalent to Greenspun. He published a camera book and build a camera discussion site. It was used to be Now it is It is the equivalent of, may be even better ;) You guys should start to learn Chinese now;)

    Xitek's motto is: before photography, there is always a camera.
  24. Mr. Lin,...

    Sheldon post a link which is prohibited. He did not post a logo.
  25. Now the rumor I read is that the Zeiss Ikon uses a ZM mount. The following lenses will be available for 2004:


    Let's wait and see.
  26. Long base length? Hope it's party time soon.
  27. It is ZM mount.
  28. Film camera with 75mm baselength. Camera in stores in early 2005; distributed by/thru Hasselblad. Four "ZM" mount lenses available very soon, after Photokina; 3 more will follow. Seven lenses in all -- from 15mm to 85mm in length. The link is here.
  29. The comment from the above document regarding lenses:
    Focused on the future
    Four lenses -- 50mm Planar f/2 ZM, 35mm Biogon f/2 ZM, 28mm Biogon f/2.8 ZM and 25mm Biogon f/2.8 ZM ? will be available after Photokina 2004. The actual camera will be in stores in early 2005 followed by three additional lenses which will round out the line: Biogon 2.8/21 ZM, Distagon 2.8/15 ZM and Sonnar 2/85 ZM. The lenses have already been developed taking into account the special requirements of a foreseeable digital camera and can be used with all common range-finder cameras -- both digital and analog.
    Note the last sentence and the comment about "foreseeable digital camera." Well, if nothing else, certainly is interesting.
  30. So it is Zeiss vs. Leica again 50 years later. I really dig both of
    these companies, they don't care sheit about sale pitch and both
    put out some of the most unsellable gears around. Leica with
    recent 90mm macro and $2500 50mm lens and now Zeiss with
    a completely new "revolutionary" 135 filmbased rf. Let's hope the
    aps size digital zeiss come around before Canon makes a
    $1500 ff drebel.
  31. These companies are great!!!!

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