New IDsIII and 14-24 Review

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by davidclapp, Nov 28, 2008.

    If any of you are interested here is a full in-depth look at using the Nikon 14-24 on my 1DsIII. Many people have a lot of questions regarding the adapter, the way it works, how versatile it is in the field etc so I have written an article about how to use this lens, not a comparisons article, but one with considerations and questions answered that may or may not be relevant to you. No graphs and charts, there are many of these already on other sites.
    Any comments about the review and these pictures are always gratefully received.
  2. New PN 'development'?.. disabling links?. None of the above links go where they are supposed to go!
  3. They haven't allowed "signature" links for awhile if I'm not mistaken.
  4. How do I edit the orginal post, I would quite happily change anything if possible? I just wrote the links in HTML code...
  5. Take the signature links out of the first entry Bobn, I had no idea it was not allowed as I dont pot here very often...
  6. The HTML code looks OK, which is why I'm trying to figure out what's going on! I'll leave the signature links for now as it might help to figure out the problem. The second link in my post above actually goes to your article - but I still haven't figured out why....
  7. I can't spell very well either today!
  8. David - did you cut and paste your post from another editor? My only guess right now is some sort of embedded undisplayable character somewhere in the text!
  9. No I looked at a website to get the right HTML tags, and then copied them into the email myself.
  10. OK. We'll figure it out, make the corrections and clean up this thread ASAP.
  11. See the first path (The one that does not work):“”
  12. Copy the link and paste it. You will see. Or put the mouse on it and see at the bottom of the i explore. It sends to you to again.
  13. The quotation marks in the not working link are different from the others. When I copy and paste them in a html processor they appears as double quotation marks. Let's see if allows to see the difference:

    a href=“http (not working)
    a href="http (working)
  14. The response mail brought this to me this in my previous answer:
  15. I think you may have it Antonio. That's why I asked if the text had been cut and pasted. It does look like the quotes are different, but I don't know of any way of directly entering two different types of quote marks from a keyboard if you are typing directly into the dialog box " is always " as far as I know. In word processors and other text editors, different quote marks can be entered. That's why cutting and pasting from a different text editor can give rise to problems.

    If I cut and paste into Microsoft Word and blow up the text, the difference between the quote marks can be seen.

    So my question to David is just how did you type the quote marks when you entered the text and what make of computer (PC/Mac), Browser and Operating system are you using?
  16. Looks like a SmartQuotes problem to me.
  17. Bob you are right, I realise what I have done. What I did was copy in the start of the code from a site and type the rest. I am using the latest Firefox if thats any help... I didnt know there was two types of speech marks.
  18. Can I start a new thread?! This one is done for surely!
  19. David

    Go ahead and repost. I'll remove this thread when I see the new one.

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