New hack firmware for the 300D/Digital Rebel

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by mark u, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. Although Wasia seems to have stopped work on 300D hacks, other have
    been busy. You can find details of the features for the new
    Undutchables firmware here:

    and the most recent Wasia version here:
  2. Site unavailable!
  3. It's also discussed in this thread:
  4. As not noted from that pasted info, it goes on futher to say there , as yet, no notable changes that weren't already there from Waisa. They are still working on it, which is a step in the right direction.
  5. The links are working fine for me.
  6. I have the 10d. And I am jalous. The 300d have now more function than the 10d !
  7. are these functions even more than the new 350D or not?
  8. One interesting thing to note is the ability to shoot Raw in Basic modes.

    Only purpose for this for me is to get AI-Servo using RAW in sports mode. It's still very limiting since you can't change ISO, or do any exposure compensation, but it's a start.

    On a side note, someone figured out with the hack you can do a different workaround for getting AI-Servo in non-sports modes. Hold the shutter release down fully, and switch to MF on the lens... Not really great since the first shot in Servo mode is often out of focus, but I did notice that if you have fast hands, and quickly switch from MF to AF, the camera continues shooting - so you get maybe 3 in focus shots due to the limited buffer on the 300D.

    To the question about the 350D vs 300D w/ hack - in the Wasia hack (not this one), the 350D has all the functions and more. This Dutch hack just seems to give the option to change quality in Basic modes.
  9. "are these functions even more than the new 350D or not?"

    Both these hacks give ISO 3200, not available on the 350D.

    Someone built a remote release (neatly housed adjacent to the main release) that momentarily disengages half press before full press is achieved to allow "almost AI Servo". See:
  10. About ISO 3200, I've tried shooting RAW and JPEG at 1600 and 3200 w/ the Drebel hack
    and it appears that only the JPEG at 3200 is a stop brighter. The RAW is identical...
    meaning the camera is simply doing exposure correction +1stop like I can do to my RAW
    on my computer. No physically higher amplification like I'd expect from *real* ISO 3200.
  11. "Both these hacks give ISO 3200, not available on the 350D" but the 3200 on the rebel really sucks though.. :(
  12. DOES anyone the download link for Undutchables firmware for Canon 300d


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