New Grip for e-330/400/ 500/510

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by vital|1, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. Great news here now i'am gonna buy my e- 510 :)
  2. It looks huge.

    Why take a nicely small camera and enlarge it so?
  3. you're seem the grip on the 330 model, on the 510 it'll looks less disproporcional.
  4. it's still ridiculous
  5. Battery grips turn any SLR body into a fast handling, well balanced machine that keeps you from contorting your body-elbow in the air, to shoot veticals:
    the vertical shutter release is priceless for portraiture.
    If I read the info correctly, the BG holds 12 "AA" batteries, another lifesaver if you do Weddings or cover press and other PJ/special events.
  6. No Ed, Battery grips don't turn any SLR body into a fast handling, well balanced machine. What does do that is an intelligently designed, ergonomically researched grip that is designed to work with the particular body in question to actually do what you wish they all did. That particular BG looks like a ridiculous kluge which, in order to work with a range of bodies of different shapes and configurations, will not likely improve the handling of ANY of them.
  7. Or, to put it bluntly, the same grip can't possibly be ergonomically designed to ideally match with all of the 300/330, 400/410, and 500/510 bodies. Those 3 body configurations are so different that it is simply not possible to match them all with a single grip.

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