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  1. I was at the NANPA Summit in Jacksonville FL where they had a Trade Show. The Fuji people had several XT2's Pro-2 and GFX digital. When I said I still also shoot film they gave me 2 rolls of PRO 400H 120 ISO400 dated 2018-10. Fuji is now manufacturing negative and chrome in 135 and 120 but not 4x5 or larger (Quickloads?) as of now. I will use the new film, and the same film from 2009 in my freezer in my "modern film camera", a Linhof 220 from 1982, at the local car show on Amelia Island this Sunday. The weather is forcasting showers but I should be OK since the Linhof 220 has no electronic parts - what's a little rain to a real camera!
  2. That's good to hear, will have to see when it's in the stores.
  3. Hey John, please post some example photos from the Pro 400H when you've finished. I'd like to know how it compares to my current C-41 favorite, Kodak Portra.
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    I just got back the 5 rolls and had Noritsu scans @ 4x6 of them. I put 1 roll up on my gallery. I think that this roll was expired in 2007 but kept in the freezer. It was a sunny day so I shot at sunny 16, actually 1/250 at f16 or f11 to open up for shady parts. One of my inserts did not work in the Linhof 220, so I only had 2 inserts to work with. I did not see another person using film and I was there for about four hours. Cell phones were king, and I took a bunch on my Samsung Galaxy S5. I will scan some on my V750 later.
  5. I'm a bit confused John. Fuji never stopped producing Pro 400H in 35 or 120. Quickloads for all their films were discontinued at least 5 years ago. Am I misunderstanding something?
  6. Dave, you are correct. Fuji stopped making E6 400X that my wifed used before going digital for her portrait business. I still have 64T Quickloads in the freezer.

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