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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by G-P, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. G-P

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    Hello All - we would like to get feedback from you on forums you would like to add. I know we have had requests to add in some additional topics - for example - adding of a Macro forum which has been requested in the past. Are there additional forums you would like to add (insert Off Topic jokes and requests - kidding of course).
  2. Glenn, your joke died in Toledo. In all seriousness, though, I think something like an off-topic forum would be appropriate. I'd also like to see an abstracts forum.
  3. Off-Topic would be very welcome, but I think it should be titled differently to better convey the nature of a friendly discussion. "Topics Of Interest" maybe? Keep it interesting, informative and good spirited.
    I've actually wanted to start a discussion on my underestimating, misjudging and misunderstanding the engineering behind "Handy Wipes". There's other every day products I never bothered to use or try out because I misjudged them for decades. I could write a book on what I've discovered about "Handy Wipes".
    And canned smoked herring from Germany?! OMG! The best tasting sardines I've ever eaten.
  4. Tim, to paraphrase a Woody Allenism, I'd like to start a thread dealing with the pleasure of sitting on an air hose.
  5. I also miss Off Topics, sometimes.
    However, the climate since the forum was turned off has not, shall we say, "improved". The world, not just this nation, is too polarized for anything to be perceived except through the veils of echo chambers and irreconcilable disagreements. Since I am on the left, I see this problem as being particularly true of the right, which simply means that I am as much a part of this problem as most other people. :|
  6. And now for something completely different:
    I will raise again the possibility that "Modern Film Cameras" could simply become "Modern Collectible Cameras" and include digital historical cameras like the early Kodak digitals, for example.
    I have just looked at the prices being asked for some early "still video" cameras, for example, and it is clear that I am not the only one interested in and considering acquiring some of these pioneers. Yet, I do not think that many of the existing brand threads see much traffic from those outside the pale, so posting there is futile.
    Posting on Casual Conversations in my recent experience simply means casting your post to the trolls, and many people, including myself, don't 'get around there much anymore'.
  7. JDM, you also are part of the solution.
  8. Thumbs up JDM. I won't say why!
  9. Consider the fact that there are now literally millions of people with flying robot cameras. Some people actually use them for useful and creative photography. So: the drone forum. Yes, there are many, many web destinations that are all about that ... but very few that come at it from the photography angle first, and flying hardware second. There may be only a few participants early on, but this area of interest and rapidly evolving photographic technology is NOT going away.

    And no, the Off Topic forum - in any semblance of its earlier self - is probably still a bad idea, all things considered.
  10. Off-topic forum. There is a lot of expertise on, and not only about photography. If it excluded politics and religion, we would avoid the ugly flame wars that brought about its untimely death.
  11. PapaTango

    PapaTango Itinerant Philosopher

    Say, what about a political forum? Nothing says "Insane" like one of those. Except of course an 'Off Topic' forum which serves as troll bait for those with ideological axes to grind... :)
  12. Perhaps a forum for some of the more popular categories such as a landscape forum or a digital alteration forum. And yes a macro forum would be a welcome addition.
  13. I like the idea of a Still Life, Table Top, Product photography forum. Not sure how much interest there would be beside me but I have seen some lovely work in this genre from members. Right now it's supposedly covered in the Lighting forum or so I was told when I raised the issue a few years ago.
  14. SCL


    I think there are enough forums out there handling off topic subjects...please, don't clog PN with one...they seem to be a haven for contentious people spewing their venom - something not needed on PN at this time.
  15. Maybe a Photo Blogs forum?
    In this forum, each new thread would belong to its starter and automatically be titled with the name of its starter. He/she could post whatever he/she felt like for ... ever. Comments would be allowed or not allowed by the choice of the thread starter/owner. Also, thread owner would have the ability to delete unwanted comments from his/her own thread/blog.
  16. G-P

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    All good suggestions. We also referred back to user surveys done in the past and the following seemed to have most interest: Abstract, Drone, Landscape and Macro. We will start with those for now - but keep the suggestions coming, just because we go with these 4 new ones doesn't mean we can't add more if there is enough interest in the subject.
  17. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

    @Julie - nice! I like that idea! The comments allowed or not allowed by owner likely requires some tech input though. Let me look into it.
  18. What about a History of Photography forum? Those kinds of topics are now often subsumed under the Philosophy of Photography, but I think that history could profitably be separated from that forum (although some overlap is inevitable--and not necessarily a bad thing).
    A lot of us really like to read about other photographers and their historical (and continuing) contributions and innovations. A History of Photography forum could be a kind of "Masters of Photography" forum, but it could also be much more than that.
    Perhaps it would also wind up being more civil and less likely to degenerate into the sometimes contentious exchanges which have from time to time afflicted the Philosophy of Photography forum as well as the Casual Photo Conversations forum.
  19. I also like Matt's idea of a "flying robot camera" or "drone camera" forum.
    I personally think that an Off Topic forum could work, but I think that it could be named something else--and have a more clearly defined mission.
  20. I like Lanny's idea on History or Masters Of Photography forum.
    After contributing in some Philosophy of Photography forums in the past I do find other contributor's inexhaustible knowledge of "famous" photographers from the past a big help for me since I don't have the time, motivation or awareness of what to look for among the hundreds of pioneering photographers in history.
    Links provided by contributors such as Phil S. and Julie H and others have given me a new awareness of what's already been done and what can be inspired from these great photographers.
  21. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

    Interesting concept - Masters of Photography forum - not bad!
  22. Glenn and Matt: A new OT forum doesn't necessarily have to be a semblance of anything, especially of the original. In my opinion, it depends on how it is structured, presented to PN subscribers/members, and moderated. It seems to me that those of us who were regulars on the original OT forum have learned from such experiences. As long as discussion remains civil and complies with PN rules, I don't see a problem up front.
  23. I would broaden any "drone" forum to be something like "Remote Photography" which could encompass things like motion-activated wildlife cams and such.
    It might be nice to have a Non-professional Photography forum, where those who've never sold their craft nor desire to can co-mingle.
  24. Patrick, would your proposed category include images resulting from a remote timer that would enable the shutter to open at certain time intervals?
  25. That "Remote Photography" idea reminded me of technique I saw on one of those Dateline or Investigation Discovery murder mysteries where a family member positioned or affixed their cellphone for a line of sight recording of the combination number entered during access by the wealthy in-law's safe.
    Only problem is the owner of the cellphone didn't erase the video and the cops nailed her as the culprit. DUH!
    I can't wait to see other tips on how to use a camera remotely. Could be some good reading.
  26. I have seen Glenn's first series of possible new "forums" : Abstract, Drone, Landscape and Macro, which sound interesting and I love the idea of a "Master Photographers" forum, if it could include not only history of photography, but also of other forms of art.
    I'm missing a forum which takes up the very interesting suggestions, that have been discussed the last weeks or so, on a specific forum for group discussions. In my view it would demand another setup than the traditional forums with chronological presentation of comments, but could be a forum with a sequential order linked to specific photos. Logically it could be called "Photo Forum".
    But I will have to comment on the question of an Off Topic forum.
    I agree with Michael, that we are probably many who learned a lot from the discussions, that very happening in the old Off Topic forum. It was also one of the more active places on Photonet, where members found each other to debate topics, which interested many and we all could benefitt from information and viewpoints of people with very different backgrounds. A multicultural space of exchange and sharing. All subjects were discussed, from war and peace to food and pier-making.
    It is right, that there were some ugly examples of abuse, but my experience was, that either abusive comments were deleted by good moderators fairly rapidly, and abusing contributors were ,in some cases, excluded and invited to take a rest somewhere outside the forum, or the threat was closed rapidly without much ado. It demanded an active moderator, which I know is not easy to find and motivate. And, it should be said again, abuse happens in other forums too, as we all know.
    Discussions should indeed remain civil, good spirited and comply with PN rules. The rules are already there for all to read and do not need to changed as far as I can see.
    I would however, strongly suggest not to start making lists of banned topics. The list would be without end and subject to continuous contestation and especially it would create confusion. You simple cannot make a general rule that "politics" is off limit (everything is politics now a-days even food preferences and making. You cannot leave out "religion" either, which would be everything spiritual, which can be found in most of our photos. Same goes for ideology. We had experience in the old Off Topic forum of some more restricted subject were banned for a cooling-off period, like, if I remember right: guns and abortion. But such bans such I would propose limited and used parsimoniously at the discretion of the moderator.
    You can however ban trolds for entering the territory, like you already do in other forums.
    Some members would surely be uncomfortable with some viewpoints and some subject in such a forum, but that we already have good experiences in dealing with, when it comes to nudity on Photonet. The whole off-topic forum could have a Warning (or filter) so that members who would like not to be provoked by specific subjects and opinions, that they might dislike or even be chocked by, can chose not to enter.
    It has been suggested to find a new name for such a new Off-Topic forum. I might suggest for example: "Topic talk" or "Agora" - but personally I would keep the old term, which we have become familiar with: "Off Topic".
  27. Thanks for the new Marco Forum!
  28. Anders, I am very grateful for your most supportive post. It appears that we, along with Tim and Hector, have fought the good fight - but lost.
  29. I just checked out the four categories and wonder if there will be a description or explanation of the types of threads that will be accepted by moderators as explained similarly in existing categories.
    Michael Linder posted in the first Abstract Photography thread with doubts about whether what he's asking should be in the Philosophy Of Photography forum as an example.
  30. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

    My thought was for now they are open for interpretation (of course, p.netter should be using best judgement). We could provide guidelines, but thought we'd see how they were used initially - if there is an obvious thread in the wrong spot we'll make the move, but why don't we see how these get used before we put on a restrictor plate.
  31. Michael, I remember a text from Glenn telling, that the Off Topic forum's reintroduction in 2.0 was off. Nothing tells me however, that it could not be on the agenda, as a serious suggestion to discuss, for version 3.0.
    I understood Glenn's upbeat invitation above as a sign in that direction: "Hello All - we would like to get feedback from you on forums you would like to add".
  32. I guess I'm more cynical than you, Anders. On this thread, there were 4 of us who lobbied for OT, and Glenn never even acknowledge it. Nonetheless, I hope you are correct regarding Glenn's invitation.
  33. Michael, if I was Glenn, which I'm definitely not, I would have done the same and start with Abstract, Drone, Landscape and Macro fora, and having Master of Photography in line too (if I understand right).
    The question on an Off Topic forum is surely a less easy suggestion to consider. Patience, patience..
  34. Just on a historical note, the Nature forum has always welcomes posts on Landacape Photography as well as Macro Photography (which is usually nature related). Why that forum isn't used by those who want to discuss those topics is another question entirely of course.
    My experience with forums (which dates back to the days of on Usenet in the 80s and 90s) is that people often want forums so that can read more about a topic that write about it. That, of course, doesn't lead to the desired outcome, so if you ask for a forum, please do your post to post to it on a regular basis.
  35. We could provide guidelines, but thought we'd see how they were used initially - if there is an obvious thread in the wrong spot we'll make the move, but why don't we see how these get used before we put on a restrictor plate.​
    Thanks for the explanation, Glenn. Since I've been a member here I've never started a thread in a new category that wasn't specifically defined so this is all new to me. Older established categories gave me some idea and motivation to initiate a topic. It's just feels unusual not having rules here.
    I mean even in this thread I was automatically admonished with an entry error for posting using more than one exclamation point for the word 'DUH'. Wow! If that can be setup automatically I don't see why it couldn't be used for the Off Topic forum where certain buzz words could be flagged to stop the user from posting.
    So back on topic what I'm gathering from the Macro category is that it can function similarly to the Nature or No Words forum where anyone can start a thread with either a question or FYI related to the category or post an image that relates to that type of photography. I'm not sure on whether critiquing such images is allowed over just posting an image in answer to the topic and asking questions or giving background on how it was shot.
    Macro and Abstract can be one in the same type of image regardless if it's nature or objects found in the home.
  36. Sandy Vongries

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  37. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

    We already have Phone and Mobile Photography Forum, that said who really calls it Phone Photography or Mobile Photography? Maybe a rebrand is in order to Phoneography is appropriate.
  38. Rather than a forum dedicated to drone use, I'd rather see something more generic that can include all camera usage which aren't controlled by a camera physically in the operator's hands.
    This way it can include dashcams, inspection cameras, robocams on wheels, endoscope cameras etc., and of course, drones.
  39. Patience it is, Anders . . .
  40. Great ideas! I'm looking forward to being lured back into the PN family after a long hiatus. I'm kind of excited about Julie H's photo blog suggestion as I am as much a writer as I am a photographer although, for me, they are intrinsically linked. My only suggestion would be for a forum that included time-lapse techniques, discussion and equipment (sliders, jibs, etc.)

    Now I'm off to check out the new forums. Thanks Glenn!
  41. How about Monochrome and Infrared for forums?
    LANDSCAPE changed to ...SCAPES (because there are sea scapes and city scapes)
  42. If you can work on allowing images of larger than 700 size it would be more welcoming to this poster. A small bit for the greater enjoyment. Let the past not be prologue. I too miss the fun of the hurly burly of the Off Topic Forum. Though I did not have to moderate it, that is true. I hope the signs of life are promising on the old site. Little fixes can add up. And enough have been suggested when the calls went out. Infrastructure wise I am thinking..get rid of dissatisfiers like the https vs http stumble biz for links.
  43. I agree with Gerry regarding the 700px limit. Having to resize images already made web ready for the rest of the internet, just to post them to PN, is a significant impediment. I've looked at a few threads in the new macro forum and considered posting an image but not done so because of the 700 px limit.
  44. G-P

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    Let me talk to the Jin master about the 700px limit. Where there is a will, there is a way...or so I'm told.
  45. Thanks Glenn.
  46. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

    Jin worked his magic and the macro photography forum 700 pixel limitation has been adjusted upwards to 1000 - lets see how that looks and is received, changes should be pushed shortly. Thinking no words forum as well!?
  47. How about as many forums as possible where images are regularly posted and/or have weekly threads. Thanks for the increase in Macro.
    Would you please announce this in Macro Forum when it is in effect?
  48. G-P

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    Max pixel width increased to ~ 1000 (from 700). We will look to do this in the other image related forums as well.
  49. Great news, Glenn. Thanks !
  50. Terrific news! Well done Glenn and Jin.
  51. When (or how) will we know if the new 1000px limit is effective in places like Nikon-land? After several hundred weeks of Nikon Wednesdays at 700px, I don't know if I'll even know what to DO with myself if I get another 300 pixels!
  52. After a short trial use of the new forums (fora) I've noticed some tendency for these to be more like the older subcategories of No Words.
    I'm sort of hoping that as time goes by we'll see more use of the ability on these forums to post more words about techniques, thingies, etc.
  53. it I have noticed the same of course in both the "Abstract Photography" and in the "Macro" forum, but I see it more as a beginners tendency to share the great variety of "abstract photography" practices represented by Photonet members. In my view, what we have seen up till now, proves well, that it was a good decision to start with these fora.
    Start a theme, JDM so that also the words will be added. I'm waiting. No need for "help".

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