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  1. Please check out my new website, let me know what you think!
  2. Wow!!! What a terrific site! A class by itself, heads and shoulders above the rest reviewed here.

    This critic's viewing environment: Win XP, Firefox, 21" CRT 1280x1024 full screen

    What I like:

    - Great choice of domain name and humorous logos.

    - Simple and elegant design through out.

    - Consistent use of background color and font styles/sizes.

    - Easy and straight forward navigation.

    - About page is to the point. [Thank goodness there is no "My love for photography started when I was handed a Brownie ..."]

    - Beautiful photos.

    - No ads!!!

    My comments and questions:


    - For my aging eyes, I wish the font size is larger/bolder (including the Menu bar). A narrower viewport on the text only pages will result in shorter lines, making reading easier.

    - I dislike facebook, etc. links. You hid them well, but why not get rid of them completely.

    Home page:

    - The word "food" is not mentioned, but the images tell me what this site is about. Love the auto slide show. But it stops once the lower right buttons are clicked, and can't restart the slide show. Are these buttons really necessary?

    - Our Latest Work seems to be superfluous, given they are already in the Portfolio. Removing it will reduce vertical scrolling.

    Services and About pages:

    - A little background about yourselves as photographers and chefs, and who does what would help.

    - The Services page places photography and video above food and recipe. That's fine if that's how you prioritize your services. But the About page doesn't support that priority.

    Portfolio pages:

    - I like a gallery to have thumbnails next to an enlargement, and with some info about the images. Such is not the case here.

    - Once a portfolio is selected, the menu bar disappears. Yuk.

    - Although there are three separate links (all, motion, stills), selecting stills does not limit to stills. I didn't try motion.

    - It would be nice if hovering over a still thumbnail, I can see a distinct title for that portfolio (and an image count).

    - Once an enlargement is displayed, there is no slide show option. It would be nice to have caption, n of m images in the enlarger's top or bottom border. There is room.

    - After viewing two still portfolios, I'm totally confused. Why are videos in them? Why are they showing the same images?

    Contact page:

    - Check my comments about contact pages in general, and someone's suggestion for an alternate method.
  3. Thank you for your comprehensive review!
  4. grh


    Yes, the navigation is a bit clumsy. Also, there are mulitple ways to advance the pictures, which is odd.
    Also, despite the preference stated above, the social media links are a good thing and should be clearly accessible.
  5. Beautiful work!
    Both the styling and photography are extraordinary.
    Could you tell us a bit about your technique / studio set up, etc?
    Thanks - Greg
  6. Thanks Greg! I generally shoot with one or two strobes, through a scrim (rosco diffusion), or bounce light into a v-flat. We have been experimenting with natural light lately. I find it very challenging to shoot food with natural light - as I give up so much control. But the results are so rewarding, we can't stop!
  7. Wow I like dynamic, nice pictures, and they are making me hungry
  8. Thanks Rick!
  9. Super-good work!

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