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  1. Last Thursday started on new documentary about an 85 year yodeler. 3 floors packed with 65 years of country music history. Still trying to figure out best way to shoot. This is his office he uses to make radio shows. No room for a tripod. My fat stomach is in the bottom of the photo.

    I'll shoot once or twice a week for a few hours. I can't work too hard. Got ADD. I can work hard, but not on the same project all day. Got to mix things up. Will probably end up as a 1 hour to 1.5 hour film. Whatever does it justice.

    Budget is next to nothing. This is an 'I do it all film.' Not knowing how to do it all is another challenge. If I hit the lotto I'd hire someone to make the film. Don't care about profit. Would give the film away. I guess that is why I'm broke. Never give $$ a thought for projects. Only thought I have enuf $$ to do it half-ass. But must be grateful for having 'some' skills to do it broke. Shot some test footage on Thursday for sound and lights. No room to get the video cam in while taking a still...that is tight!

    RBM Project DD. Teoli LR .jpg
  2. It sounds like an interesting project. Have at it! Good luck.

    An hour of finished video will take up to 250 hours of clips. That's a lot of editing, and a lot of bookkeeping to keep things straight.

    You can work close too, music video style, with shots of hands, fingers and face from various angles with a single camera. For multiple shots, have him play along with (or mime) the recorded sound track you will use for the video. You can do a lot of editing using B-roll to cover the splices for continuity. Two cameras are nice for interviews, but you can use the B-roll trick for that too. B-roll can be anything relevant, shot at any time.

    I haven't seen a reel of 3M type 150 in 40 years. Oddly, it holds up better in time than black oxide tape.
  3. iPhone with a selfie stick.

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