New film from Adox

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  1. Nice to see a film being introduced as opposed to be discontinued:
  2. I note it's not being sold at B&H or Amazon.
  3. Hmmmm...sounds like a possibility for trying this stuff out...I wonder if Freestyle has it?
  4. Freestyle is their listed USA dealer, but I couldn't find the dedicated developer on the Adox site. Might be worth waiting for, though.
  5. Sounds like they got their own coating line running. Good thing, with Efke's shut down.
  6. Maybe they will also sell the film as Rollei. Regardless, it sounds interesting. Thanks for the link.
  7. That's got to be worth trying.
  8. I'm letting them know about my interest in seeing it in 120. Would anybody like to join me?
  9. Might be the old and much loved AGFAPAN 100 reborn. Definitely need to try some out to see how it compares in Rodinal.
  10. Sounds like they bought the remaining Efke stock (or a bunch of it) and rebadged it. "Will not be available in other formats". Hmmm
  11. Available in 35mm only, also for the future.
    Well since a short time they can re-spool their own films in 35mm and 120 roll film format. Pretty coincedence after 4 weeks Efke/Fotokemika went out of business.
    The problem of Efke was the high amount of Silver in their films and high energy prices so that they could not make any profit anymore.
    And what do we have here: Silvermax film. Special film with a high amount of Silver to reach a maximum of density. Very suitable for reverse processing. Sounds like a motion film. UN54 OrWo Filmotec re-spooled?
    Well Bergger is doing the same with their new Bergger BRF 400+ film: OrWo Filmotec N74+, also of course available in 135-36 only.
    There are several ways to fill up a gap in the market.
  12. Interesting. I wonder if this is indeed just Efke stock. Well...that said, I'll be buying some to try. If it looks film fridge will have a few hundred rolls added to it.
  13. The amount of conspiracy theories and misinformation on this forum doesn't surprise me anymore.
    If the gentleman above could go to the APUG and Flickr forums, they would know this is a new film, granted it is a cooperation with InovisCoat, but it is a new emulsion from ADOX.
    It is a coincidence they are releasing it now. They have been working on new films for the last year.
    Have a good reading!
  14. The amount of conspiracy theories and misinformation on this forum doesn't surprise me anymore.​
    Oops! Sorry, I meant on this thread! But, yes, there is quite a bit of ill-informed posting.
    Adox is also introducing at Photokina a new Super8 B&W film in 100 ISO. It is meant to be a substitute to Kodak Pan-X. Also a quirky colour film, C41 negative, that is meant for the trendy Lomo market.
  15. New film, Silver rich, 35mm only, special developer needed, APX-100 spectral sensitivity.
    APX-100 is still available in 135-36 for Eur. 2,25 and this film Eur. 3,45 plus the special developer. I think I have missed something. Or is it special meant for reverse processing?
  16. I tested a Silvermax film. The film is exactly the same as the Agfa Scala 200 film hence the spectral sensitivity fitting on APX-100. Perfectly for iso 100-200 in reverse processing and possible to use as negative film on iso 100 in different developers but because it's an original positive film the dedicated developer is of course optimized for the film. Clear layer.
    Information at Agfa Gevaert gives a result that they had a pretty large 35mm stock left from 2004/2006.
    Because Agfa Scala 200 can not produced anymore this 135-36 film is a one way exit. I know enough about the marketing talks.
  17. According to the description and especially for its "increased silver-component", I am wondering whether this new film is comparable to the late Kodak 125 Plus-X.
    In other words, is this possible that Adox introduces on the market an equivalent of Kodak 125 Plus-X?
    BTW, I checked out this film on Freestyle and there is no mention of this film.
    ps: before writing this comment, I did not go thru the whole thread, especially towards the end where Ricardo Mirando mentions something about Kodak Pan-X. We both had the same idea. ;)

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