New EOS RP What Canon utility (DPP?) do I use to process raw RP files?

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  1. I currently have Digital Photo Professional 4 v14. It doesn't seem to want to have anything to do with the raw files from my new EOS RP camera. What are the P-Netters out there using to process their Canon mirrorless EOS R(x) raw files? I posted this in the Canon forum but didn't get any results. I also have Photoshop Elements 15 which I sometimes use to process Raw files (for Sony e.g.) and it doesn't seem to know anything about Canon Mirrorless. Any help out there. I logged into my accounts at Canon USA and Adobe but probably I'm dumb because I got no joy either place.
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  4. Here is a link to a list of cameras supported by Adobe Camera RAW: Cameras supported by Camera Raw (

    And here is a Link to download Adobe DNG Converter: Adobe Digital Negative Converter

    Download and install DNG converter, configure it for the Camera RAW for Elements 15 (Camera RAW 5.4 and later would be a safe start), convert your Canon RAW files to DNG and open the DNG file in Elements.
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  5. Did your brand spanking (titter) new EOS RP camera not come with an installation disk for the new version of DPP that supports CR3?
  6. That version of DPP is specifically listed for the RP on the Canon USA website. This suggests some sort of user error, although I can't see what it would be. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software?
  7. After a conversation with a tech support person from Canon USA I've come to a tentative conclusion that my ten year old iMac will not be able to download DPP 4.15 (version that includes the RP) and will not let me install DNG with CR3 also that includes raw processing for the RP. I need to try it with my MacBook air to see if that works. Why is it that people with limited knowledge and experience seem to make up for it with condescension. Canon doesn't include installation disks with their newer cameras. Right now I'm maybe regretting buying the RP instead of a Sony A7 III that I'm pretty sure my PS Elements 15 will work on as well as it works on my a6000. I do prefer the look of the Canon files better than the Sony though, and the menu system for Sony a little harder for me to work with.
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  9. My problem is solved. I'm now using Canon DPP 4.14 to process/convert the raw files from my Canon EOS RP. Mostly it was my rustiness in using DPP that caused the problems.

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