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  1. i have questions about the e-1. Is there a better manual than the one that
    came with the camera? How does one display the number of shutter actuations?
    I'm having problems with olympus viewer - it doesn't want to work on XP - is
    there a driver I need? Is there any talk about an aftermarket sensor to up the
    number of pixels?
  2. The E-1 has enough pixels for just about any typical usage, and has never come up short for me. How large do you intend to print? Give it a serious tryout before thinking "more pixels." A great camera.
  3. a long time member of the (cult)club - I have om1s and 2s and 4s and a c2500l and an e-500 - i was just wondering if there was an customization scheme afoot. I'm looking for a manual i can stash in my camera bag if i download and print it it's too big to fit in my camera bag.
  4. Thomas,

    I also acquired an E-1 recently. It's an excellent camera.

    - Sequence for service info menus is: Power on, open CF card door, press Display then OK
    buttons ... that shows firmware revs on LCD.

    Then press in sequence up, down, left, right, shutter, then OK button. Then press Up,
    Right, Down, Left buttons to see info pages on LCD. Shutter activations are on page 2, "R"

    - The E-1 upgrade for more pixels is an E-3 body.

    You can probably order a printed manual from Olympus service, if you call them. I don't
    see a listing on their website.

  5. Thomas,
    Congrats on the E-1, it's a great camera, especially for 2004 when it was introduced. I just sold mine for the E-3, and it was hard to let it go. There isn't a "better manual" than the one that comes with the camera. It's actually pretty good, as camera manuals go. It won't tell you how to take pictures, only how to work the camera.
    Is there any talk about an aftermarket sensor to up the number of pixels?
    There are no after-market sensors available for any camera from any maker. The reverse-engineering of the integration of the sensor with DSLR cameras' processing engines and supporting systems is far to complex to be economically viable. You shouldn't waste brain cells waiting for such a product.
    If you "need" more pixels, you "need" another camera. You might try PhotoAcute, which says that they can increase effective pixel counts by integration of multiple exposures. I've heard of some people raving about it.
  6. i don't really need more pixels - it was more of an idle thought. I know how clever some people are with their hands and soldering irons - look at all the iphone hacks. I was just wondering.
    I have an E-500 if I need more pixels - i am just looking forward to shooting with the e-1 - it feels a lot like my OM-4 when I use the power winder and I like that.
    And I still use my C2500L
  7. I too have seen some pretty neat hacks, but hacking a phone is a lot less intimidating than a camera. I've seen people that can swap out the IR filters on cameras. I've also seen a guy who tried and almost succeeded in putting a CCD in a Leica M2. But swapping in another sensor in a DSLR? That'd be a herculean effort, IMO.

    I hope I didn't sound pushy, it wasn't meant that way.

  8. You can download a much better manual on USA Olympus website.

  9. Isn't that the same manual that came in the box?

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