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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by shawn_mertz, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. Adobe introduced a converter that standardizes RAW files to one format to make archiving
    from multiple cameras easier. It is also huge for Nkion D70 users because it quickly
    changes the NEF file to a DNG file and then when you open the DNG in photoshop you
    have much more control and faster than going straight from the D70 file.
  2. I'm confused as to what you mean by "negative"?
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    You can read what Adobe says about it here. They don't mean "negative" in the sense of inversion.
  4. He is referring to Adobe's new DNG format. They are using the term "digital negative" to refer to a standardized RAW format for all cameras. I think they decided that since everyone tries to load their camera files into Adobe's software, they are in the best position to develop a standard format for all camera manufacturers to use. It's a brilliant idea if the big players agree to use it.
  5. Shawn, you indicate you have much more control with an NEF file converted to DNG format in Photoshop. Its possible you are getting a different RAW converter when you use the DNG format.

    If you installed the Nikon software, it makes itself the default RAW converter in Photoshop and it has less control than the Photoshop RAW converter. Since the Nikon RAW converter does not work with a DNG file, you would get the Photoshop RAW converter, which has much more control. You can remove the Nikon RAW converter from Photoshop and get the Photoshop RAW converter for the NEF file. Just a thought.
  6. Robert's right, my friend with a d70 had to remove the (horrible) nikon-provided plugin to get the preferred adobe converter. Look in the 'file formats' directory in your photoshop installation for the .8bi file of nikon's and delete it, then photoshop will load the adobe raw converter when you load .NEF files.
  7. True Nikon's raw conerter is fine, but I don't shoot many NEF files and don't want to spend
    the $100 for it for the very limted use. I have only used raw 3 times. Once was strictly for
    test purposes.

    Photoshop Cs can open NEF files through it's converter but with very limietd control and it
    is a little slow. Converting files to the DNG format only took about 10 sec each even with
    my 4 year old computer. The DNG file has use of Adobe full raw converter, and the two
    step conversion is actually faster than the other way.
  8. Robert and Frank, Thank you for the tip I removed those files and now it works. Funny
    thing is the only reason I had installed the Nikon stuff was because Photoshop said the
    files were unreadable. Maybe I will use raw a little more often now.

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