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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by alex_lofquist, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. Nikon has just released the Vol 10, Nikon Full Line Product Guide. If
    your camera shop can't give you one, write to Nikon USA.
  2. If Nikon just put out a full line product catalog then this means that the rumoured d2x coming out this year will not happen at all. Otherwise its just an expensive marketing releasing a catalogue without the rumoured d2x.
  3. The heralded 200mm f/2 isn't in the catalog either. It would have seemed that they ought to have delayed publication unless they have too many other items being released anon. I was informed by a very knowledgeable person that the D2X will be available this autumn. (No other details.)
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    So far Nikon publishes these catalogs once a year. There are new products being introduced year around; there is simply no way to wait for each introduction.

    But nowadays we get the latest info from the web anyway. Info on the web is a lot more up to date and it is far easier to correct mistakes. I wonder how much longer Nikon will continue publishing these catalogs.

    IMO the D2X is already way overdue. I would expect an announcement in the 2nd half of 2004.
  5. I agree that the D2X IS way overdue, but consider this: Canon is also due to announce the successor to their 1Ds (if they haven't already...I don't pay attention), which is aging (and expensive) technology. Could it be that Nikon is waiting for that before they finalize the D2X? Just a little speculation (NOT a rumor!!).

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