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  1. Does canon have some regular release schedule? For example, I'm contemplating getting the 7d but notice it came out 2 years ago. Is there any point in waiting? Some target date?
  2. Rumour has it that new products will be announced on october 26th. Don't hold your breath with regard to the 7D. An update of the 5D and G12, and an EVIL camera are more urgent.
  3. I have never known Canon to have published or "regular" released dates for new photographic equipment. We all wished they would give the public a "proposed" or expected release date for equipment so we (the public) could make some plans on proposed purchase dates - save/gather the money to be spent. Perhaps early on you could get a better idea when a release date might take place however, I believe it is becoming more difficult recently to guess the next release date. (What this means is that the first sentence say's it all).
    Like you, I am waiting for the next release dates to replace my 5D/20D and my wife's 50D. The waiting doesn't bother me as much as others because camera's are in my case, not part of a business - their used just for fun.
  4. At the moment all I have is a Powershot G11. It is time for something better. I've looked through all the reviews and the 7D seems the right one for me. Fall is upon us so it is a matter of some urgency...
    OK, so I guess there's no good answer...
  5. if the 7D has the right stuff for you now, then don't wait it is a great camera.
  6. Disregarding the fully pro 1D and 1Ds systems, what are the top three Canon DSLRs of all time so far?
    My list:
    • EOS 7D
    • EOS 10D
    • 5D Mk II
    The 10D is there because it was the first ROCK SOLID and affordable, quality Canon DSLR -- something the D60 was not.
    The 7D will likely (my total guess) be upgraded later next year -- the 5D2 is way overdue for an upgrade -- 36MP anyone? better autofocus system and better video (ala Sony)... Read about it in 2 weeks I'd bet.
  7. Many thanks! Autumn colours wait for no one.
  8. Disregarding the fully pro 1D and 1Ds systems, what are the top three Canon DSLRs of all time so far?​
    My list:
    • 300D
    • 5D
    • 7D
    The 300D was the first camera that made the DSLR concept affordable (under $1000 new) for the casual shooter. What got me excited was that finally a true wide angle option existed in the EFs 10-22 (which was lacking for the 10D). When it came out, I started selling my Minolta gear. Of course when I finally took the plunge, the 300D had already been replaced by the 350D (Rebel XT).
    The 5D was the first full frame DSLR camera with standard body size, and halved the cost of FF DSLRs.
    The 7D was the first APS-C camera that made people question if changing to full frame would still be an upgrade.
  9. Re: 7D, my guess is it's at least another year before we see any kind of an update/replacement. If it does what you need it to do, go for it. Unless you're shooting on a professional level, it is my belief it might well suffice for several years before feeling out of date, should you decide to keep it that long.
  10. For sure a Rebel T4 for Xmas!
  11. Canon Singapore will have an announcement on Tuesday next week and it is speculated that it will be a new DSLR.
    But as Mark has said it, if the 7D is good enough for you now, chances are it will still be good enough for you in a very long time
    note that it is speculated that the announcement will be another 1D full frame camera, and if this is true, i dont think this will affect the price of the 7D which is already a bargain considering what you can do with the camera at a much lesser price of a 1D serie camera
  12. I use my 7D everyday for work, also carry a P&S. I'm excited about the new s100 that should be available soon. I've had the s60, s70, s90 & s95 as well as bought handfuls of them for non-pros that I work with. I wish they had a hotshoe but I'm not willing to bump up to the bulky size of the g12 to get it.
    If I had to buy another HDSLR right now I'd ge the 60D, seems to do just about everything the 7D does (a little slower) but is less pricy.
    If a replacement for the 7D or 5DII came out with auto focus on video I'd pre-order it as a replacement without thinking. If Canon instead released a mini HDSLR that was mirrorless I'd be interested but not willing to fork any money over until I had a workflow to finished video worked out.
  13. I recently bought a used 5D mk I on ebay, and it has been a stellar performer. I got it for just over a grand, and it looks like brand new.
  14. OK, so I guess there's no good answer...​
    I presume you have asked Canon your question? And that is why you are here asking us who for the most are in the dark about Canon DSLR announcement dates?
  15. I presume you have asked Canon your question? And that is why you are here asking us who for the most are in the dark about Canon DSLR announcement dates?​
    I'm sure you presumed wrong. Asking Canon about yet to be announced products will be about as fruitful as shouting into the wind. Might as well pass a little wind here. At least the gaseous emissions are mildly entertaining and you don't have to wait on hold for an hour to get nada...
  16. I think that Canon refrains from releasing too much info of the roadmaps for their product lines to avoid people waiting for "the next release" as they would take a hit to sales numbers. It's not uncommon for companie´s to do this, especially when selling more pricey products. They don't want to have a lot of unsold product just because people are waiting for "the next release".

    I hope you decide to get the camera as I believe they have other models that are more "due" for an upgrade.
  17. Canon cameras are (roughly) on a 3 year product cycle. The 40D has been the only camera that they refreshed in uder 3 years (recently). This has also been significantly influenced by the disaster in Japan. The 7D has at the very least 1 more year. Its a great camera. If you are shooting still images and you have decided on the 7D then you will not be dissapointed. They retain their value very well so you dont have to worry too much about losing out if canon do relaese an updated model after 12 months or so.
  18. Wikipedia has an excellent table showing the history of Canon DSLRs:
    The oldest camera model still in production is the 1Ds mk 4, which was introduced August 2007. Next is the 5D mk 2 (September 2008), then the 7D (September 2009). The trend is longer life cycles on the higher-end cameras; however beyond that there isn't a clear pattern. Though it does look like the high-end cycles are getting longer, and the low-end cycles are getting shorter.
  19. Thank you for the helpful responses. I'll just go for it!
  20. The oldest camera model still in production is the 1Ds mk 4​
    You mean the 1D Mark IV?
  21. You mean the 1D Mark IV?​
    I meant the 1Ds mark III. But I mistyped.
  22. And now the 1Ds and 1D combined into the new 1D-X.
    When will the 24MP, 1D-X Mark II be announced -- Oct. 2013?

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