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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by miha, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Today, at the first day of this month, a short notice slipped onto the page of the local dealer anouncing the arrival of a new APSC camera plus a new model of very sought after lens. Unfortunatelly the notice was removed shortly afterwards so I can not provide the appropriate link.
    As I was able to notice in the short time the camera (to be presented in the short time) is the long avaited Nikon D400, it will also be available without the AA filter as the D400E model. The camera is equipped with a Sony bulit 24Mpix APSC Sensor.
    The announced new lens is the AF-S 300mm f/4 ED-IF VR III lens. As it is (was) anonunced, it is a totally new lens design, putting this lens in the same quality class as the 500 f/4 and 600 f/4.
    There was not a word about the expected prices.

    I hope somebody will be able to provide additional informations, if anyhow possible still today, since tomorrow such informations could be totally removed from theweb.
    Regards, Miha.
  2. I just check the Nikon Rumors site, which has had an excellent track record and they have no mention of a new body. Perhaps the letter was referring to the new Coolpix A camera and new new 80-400mm lens.
  3. The first day of what month?
  4. Peter, I missed that, thanks!
  5. Nikon shooters are so, so
  6. Hope your info is accurate. I'd love to upgrade my D300s.
  7. Anything posted on April 1 is suspect...
  8. Miha, I saw that ad first thing, went there and bought both items, they then pulled the ad. Watch this board for coming reviews of both items.
  9. I see Nikon have also released an advisory notice that all their lenses should be used with UV filters to avoid potential damage to the front
  10. Peter H is on the right track-- April 1st- what's that called again.
  11. Just to spell it out, it's April Fools Day!!
  12. Wow. When Thom Hogan reported a sense of humour failure among D800 owners, it was clearly contagious. Tip: jokes work better when you don't give away the punchline.

    Timing. What's the secret of comedy? Damn...
  13. The D400 is to be preferred over the D400E, whose sensor is mounted about 1/2 millimeter too far forward, into a bracket that was designed to include an anti-aliasing filter. Consequently, when lenses are manually set to infinity focus, it focuses on objects that are even more distant.
  14. Here's a link to the announcement of the day from Canon - the left-handed 7D:
    Thanks to Kock Renwell, we already know about the left-handed (ahem, mirrored) F100 - so with Canon, we now have this class of cameras enter the digital age.

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