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  1. Just last week, I posted a thread that I didn't feel the George Eastmqan house did a very good job of letting folks see theor collections, and then today i went to Amazon, and one of the Amazon picks for me is:
    500 Cameras: 170 Years of Photographic Innovation [Paperback
    Publication Date: November 1, 2011 From the world-famous Eastman House comes a lavish, expansive guide to nearly 200 years of photographic invention and innovation. Richly visual and wonderfully informative, it showcases 500 groundbreaking cameras from the museum's collection that forever changed our perception of the world, and of ourselves. Todd Gustavson, curator of technology at the George Eastman House, organizes the cameras into genealogical categories--from detective to digital, stereo to subminiature. Alongside the 35mm, you'll see curiosities like stereoscopic cameras, postcard cameras, and spy cameras hidden in watches, buttons, and fountain pens.
    Essays by experts in the field--including Robert Shanebrook, Martin Scott, and Mark Osterman--trace the technological development of the camera and provide insight into the innovators behind the lens. And it is very inexpensive.
  2. Thanks for the "heads up." I just ordered it.
  3. I just ordered it too. I wonder how many, if any, of these cameras are in my collection.
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    I just picked up the hardback version last week at Barnes&Noble. Surprisingly, it was on the discount rack for $14.95. It makes a good companion to Mr Gustavson's other book "Camera: A History of Photography from Degarreotype to Digital" which I also have courtesy of my wife. While many of the cameras featured are in both books, theres many that are not. Both books are lavishly illustrated and the printing quality is outstanding. I recommend both.
  5. David, thanks for mentioning that the 500 Cameras hardcover is at B&N on the remainders rack. I went over to my local B&N and found it there, though the price at this store was $15.99. I also saw the other Gustavson book, though at full price, so I'll wait to get that one.
  6. Thanks for the heads-up. I have owned the earlier book for a few years (and there are a few errors in it). I just picked up the 500 cameras book at B&N for 15.95 in hardcover. A great deal!
  7. Thanks for this tip!
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    Craig, I looked at my book when I got home from work yesterday, and the sticker said $15.98 instead of $14.95 like I thought. Even at a dollar more, it's a great deal. Cheers.
  9. I have both of his books, and for some reason, he states that the Argus A took a special cartridge -- which it did not. The early models had a single sprocket, which eventually changed to a standard dual-sprocket. I suspect the single sprocket was an attempt to save a few cents. It took standard Eastman 35mm cassettes. I know it's impossible to get every fact straight in hundreds of cameras, but he is the only person that I have seen state that about the A. Perhaps he was confusing the Argus A with the Univex Mercury, which originally used a Univex cartridge, and later used a standard 35mm spool.
  10. Man, we're getting like the Leica bunch---count every screw and dimple. But hey, whatever floats your boat as they say. Enjoy!

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