New B&W film: 80 ISO, CatLABS

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  1. Looks promising. Thanks for the link.
  2. Funny enough it was published today in a Parisian photo magazine....
  3. Looks good.
  4. I'm suspicious this is rebranding of Afga Aviphot Pan 80(Rollei Retro 80s)
  5. May I ask you to try this new film and then show us some negatives comparaison with your comments? That would be great!
  6. That's a fair suggestion but I'm not going to go way out of my way to obtain this one film just to evaluate it. I evaluate films for astrophotography and it's of particular interest to us to find films with extended red sensitivity that can either be used out of the box or benefit from enhancement techniques. It has been apparent over the last few years from personal testing and datasheet comparisons that Agfa Aviphot aerial films are just being rebranded all over the place to the point that any new film hits the market with the same atypical ISO and/or same extended spectral response; I've become more confident that it's likely the same old rebranded stuff.

    JCH Streetpan400/Rollei Retro 400s/ Rollei Infrared film are the same Agfa Aviphot aerial film. I suspect Film Washi "Z" is likewise. I contacted Film Washi to clarify this but no response.

    Agfa Aviphot 80s is Rollei Retro 80s and most likely Adox Hr-50 with Speed Boost(based on comparison of datasheets).
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  7. Thank you!
  8. No small online photo equipment retailer has the resources to make their own film at an economical price. So obviously this is just a badge-engineered rebranding of another, and existing product.

    Not many 80 ISO films about, so the Agfa/Rollei film is a prime suspect.

    What's almost dead certain is that this is in no way a 'new' and unique product.
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  9. Development times for Rollei Retro 80s are a bit different than for the CatLabs film. I've got some on order and will report back. There are coating facilities open for companies to it could be a small run batch.
  10. Coating with what?
    This small company has set up a research lab? And populated it with experts from where? To develop a novel emulsion that's noticeably different from any of the current regurgitations of 1980s technology?

    I find that highly improbable.
  11. I'll debate about taking one for the team and ordering some.

    Shipping hits hard enough on something like this that I hate to order less than 10 rolls, but I also don't know if I want to commit to that much.

    I wish some of these boutique retailers would stock at least through Freestyle, which seems pretty supportive of them as a whole. I spend a few hundred dollars on film at Freestyle a couple of times a year-sticking one or two $5-6 rolls of film on to try it out doesn't really even register, but having to order from the manufacturer/distributor directly makes a $5.55 roll of film a lot more expensive.
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  12. Yes, it was the same with the JCH film a while back. Now I can get it everywhere it seems. That is a nice film as well by the way. I use the Rollei 80s once in a while and will be adble to tell if the emulsion characteristics are the same.
  13. They’ve already said they don’t own the equipment that made the film, but they also said it’s not sold under any other labels. They are a well regarded company and I don’t see why we shouldn’t take them at their word. There are plenty of scenarios that could result in them commissioning or ending up with a batch of a unique emulsion made by one of the large companies.
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  14. This is the same idea as JCH 400 Streetpan. It isn't respooled. It was a new coating in small batch run of an old formula surveillance film from Agfa. This is becoming quite I too am surprised that some people claim companies are lying about this...especially CatLabs as they are well respected in the film community. I guess some people prefer conspiracy theories over actual knowledge
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  15. Regardless if it's a new production run(s); same formula, same emulsion, more or less same film disregarding other variables like film base. With the rather lengthy development times these films have it wouldn't make much of a difference varying them plus or minus a few seconds from brand to brand as part of individual marketing.

    Catlabs is also coming out with their X Film 320 despite there already being two other films on the market with the same atypical ISO ratings: Foma Retropan 320 Soft and Imago 320. What are they going to claim is special about theirs?
  16. The ascertain is that there are no companies willing to do small runs of films. That is untrue.
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  17. Can you cite any evidence that these films are the same emulsions as other films on the market? Anything beyond speculation, I mean.
  18. I wouldn't exactly call 320 an atypical ISO-I have a fair 320 speed film in the freezer in yellow boxes, and a good bit of it is in date...

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