New Aquisition Retina IIa

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by robert_chadwick, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. Hi, Got a severe case of GAS and aquired a 1951/2 Kodak Retina IIa, wanted one of these for a while, it isnt perfect but it works, film was Legacy Pro 100 B&W developed in 1:50 Rodinal for 12.5 mins, see what you think.... first the camera
  2. Here is first one
  3. Looks like the old box still takes a good picture. I particularly like #4 and #5.
  4. Excellent pictures and creamy tones. Nice looking camera too! Thanks for posting. sp.
  5. I have over a dozen of the various Retina's but could never figure out where the battery goes.
  6. Nice quality, Robert. The old Xenon seems to be up to it, still. Good full-toned images; those stair pics are great. Many thanks!
  7. Always admired this model, That Xenon is something to envy. That first picture is something out of Sleepy Hollow! I'm using
    this film too! I'm relatively happy with it! Sometimes it seems to lack contrast and bad shadow detail...but I later blame my exposure, development, or scanner! Your results are very nice. The camera is beautiful. I hate that this model is (as always)
    well loved and desired!!
  8. That is a sweet lens. I nearly bought one of these the other day with the 2.8 lens.
  9. A friend of mine gave me one, still need to fix the rangefinder on it. It has waited for awhile and I put a roll in it awhile back thinking that I would zone focus it but haven't gotten around to taking it out anywhere yet.
  10. It is a nice camera, but I would say that you also judge exposure and develop film well.
  11. Very nice Robert. I especially like the stairway to heaven, looks phenomenal. The IIa is one of the best models to take pictures with today, if retinas are your thing; it is hard to beat that wonderful xenon; I have used it in beach scenes in the tropics and color and resolution are amazing. Thanks for sharing with us.
  12. The Retina IIa is a fine camera and a joy to use. The only complaint I have is that it is hard
    to get a grip on the right side because of the way the door opens. The IIc is a little better
    because it is slightly larger than the IIa.
  13. Nice presentation, Robert! I must of eaten the same thing as you because now I got a bad case of gas too. I like the staircase details very much. Thanks for an interesting post.

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