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Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by cole_paquette, May 10, 2010.

  1. just received my new rollei from ebay. mint condition rolleimagic II. needless to say, I find it amazing.
    and the manual override is quite useful. the only issue with it is the light meter. it says gossen of goffen on the front, the ss or ff are really stylized and hard to see which is which. it doesn't seem to work-but then again, it is most likely selenium (right?) and that doesn't last 30+ years.
    I believe Franke&Heideke will service their older models (they make the rollei MF) I wouldn't know if this problem is applicable, if this model is available for service, or if there is someone/somewhere else i should contact for a new lightmeter element (i'm thinking that's all that it needs)
  2. Cole, try this old thread here on P-Net
    Also, you may find it cheaper to buy a hand held light meter, and shoot in manual mode.
    Good luck.
  3. took a look, no info on slenium cell work. maybe the F&H place can do something.
    i guess the handheld meter would be cheaper, but i happen prefer the repair the meter. besides, one less thing to carry around.
    Hope these may be useful.
    It may be possible to replace the selenium cell with a photovoltaic from a cheap calculator.
    Calibration would be necessary of course but it has been done before with this type of meter.
    Good luck.

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