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Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by devon_mccarroll, May 27, 2009.

  1. Is anyone considering ordering the new Alien Bees MAX lights? I'm getting ready to purchase two studio lights, and have been seriously considering a Hensel Kit, but these new AB Max lights along with the new CyberCommander coming out look pretty cool. I do realize that the Hensels are built like tanks and are in a different class, but I'm just doing the occasional portrait and food/stock photography in my home. Thoughts, anyone?
  2. I guess it depends on your budget.
    I'm sure the AB's will do what you want them to for the occasional portrait, etc, plus some.
    I concidered buying them, but recently went with Elinchrom for other reasons including modifiers, accuacy, etc.
    It's unfortunate that PCB decided to put the AB website in read only as this would have been a good resource for you to check out. I believe there is a flickr site based off this now.
    In any case, I think you would be happy with either.
    If I owned AB's, chances are I would not buy their modifiers as I prefer the Elinchrom and Photoflex modifiers I have. I did however buy their simpler battery operated CS's and they work great at a good price.
    Sorry that I personally can't be of any more help...
  3. So Mario, the Cybersyncs will work with other lights besides PCB? I'd like to be able to trigger whatever brand of lights I get without having to spend a ton of money on PocketWizards, which I don't need for the type of shooting I do.
    I am definitely going to be looking at other modifiers (Photoflex softboxes, etc.), since I've heard that the AB softboxes don't hold up very well.
  4. Yes, the CyberSyncs can trigger other lights, no problem (though you might need a simple cable with the appropriate connectors - cheap/easy). Of course, you won't have the fancy-shmancy power/feature remote controls that Buff is about to let loose on the world. Which, if it works as expected, is pretty damn cool looking.
  5. I'm planning on getting an ABmax640 as my first strobe as well. What specific questions did you have? I can't find anything else that has better bang for buck w/ great customer service and resale value...
    The cybersync commander concept looks good as well but the jury's out on how well it works. The radiopopper JRx Studio is another great in concept trigger but hasn't been released yet either...
  6. No questions specifically, just wanted to see if people are willing to jump on them, or wait for awhile to see how they perform. If the CyberCommander works as planned, that will be pretty amazing! Will the JRx Studio offer as many features?
    I'm still on the fence between Bees and Hensels. Hensels are built like tanks, but Bees are lighter, which can also be a good thing.
  7. JrX studio w/ a transmitter lets you manually control flash power remotely. Won't have as many features as the cybercommander, but the positive side is you can mix/match w/ PX transmitters and have more control w/ your native flash system, so different features, but the important one is the same.

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