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  1. This is an annoucement from my experience.

    I read some responses on this forum and washed my focusing screen in
    alcohol. It became dim and now the meter on OM20 reads wrong values.
    Sure the TTL OTF Auto works fine, but in Manual I am without meter...
    maybe some compensation will solve it.
  2. OCULUS New York

    OCULUS New York Still shooting, but posting less here.

    Ondrej, your screaming headline is bit misleading: alcohol is not the same as water (with which I have always had success).

    Good luck,
    Ray Hull
  3. The focusing screens are very fragile, I don't know what advice you read and from whom, but they are easily ruined even by oily fingers. Hot water can also ruin them. I have had success using a VERY diluted drop of dishwashing soap and cool water, followed by cool running water for a rinse. Only hold the screen by the edges. This is after thoroughly washing my hands to remove excess oils. Never wipe while washing or drying, and never use any heat for drying.
  4. If you're really attached to that camera and want to fix it, I believe you can modify a screen from an OM single-digit body to fit. It might be cheaper just to buy another OM20.
  5. That was good timing - I was about to clean my recently aquired 1-3 in alcohol, as it's a bit dirty. I assume you used proper cleaning alcohol?

  6. I bought a used 1-10 focusing screen and tried it in OM 20 and the meter is still wrong - perhaps will need calibration...

    I plan to get another 1-13 or 1-14 screen but that will be a problem here - in Slovakia... as there are not so many Zuikoholics here :)

    PS: I also scratched the original screen :( Ouch!
  7. Is the meter reading too high or too low?

    If the 1-10 screen is giving you incorrect readings, I don't think switching to the 1-13/14 will improve things. All of those were designed to work with the original OM-1/2 bodies and are about equal in brightness. The 2-series screens from the OM-3/4 bodies are brighter. I don't know much about the OM20, but if it was a contemporary of the OM-3/4, you might have to find one of those screens.
  8. Hi Spyderman,

    Ref your screen trouble, I have nothing to help you, this is the truth. I too screwed a screen when cleaning, once upon a time

    Ref the option of buying another OM20, I strongly recommend to buy an OM30 instead. Quieter shutter + correct focus aid + optional 35-70 AF zoom.

    Now a question: have you extracted the screen out of the body in order to clean it? If so, how ?


  9. Who's the idiot to recommend alcohol for focus screen? It's soft plastic and will surely kill by alcohol. Focus screen can be washed with water and soap or detergent with extra care, but it takes some skill.
  10. I've done it successfully a few times. Denatured alcohol will not harm plastic.
  11. I don't want to violate any rules here, but I have a freshly CLA'd OM-PC available that I was about to list, if anyone is interested. The price is less than the CLA cost. It shows lots of brassing, but is otherwise perfect.
  12. I was thinking and I remembered that the OM-20/OM-PC uses a special version of the 2-13 screen, which is the second-generation, specially bright Olympus screen. Using an older or a 1-series screen will always get you incorrect in-finder meter readings. Replacement 2-13 screens are typically very expensive, $50-75 due to market forces. You can compensate in the finder via changing the ASA dial for manual operation, but it will be off for OTF-AE.

    Given the OM-PC's propensity to get irreversible circuit disease, I'd recommend finding a replacement and think of your old one as parts.

  13. Sorry to rain on the parade, but as far as I know, there is no difference in the brightness of the scteens in the OM10 and the OM20. I have compared them side-by-side and can see no difference. The 2-13 screen usually requires re-calibration of the meter in the OM1/2/3 etc and is brighter.
  14. I am sorry for writung my original post, but it was kinda in panic :)

    I took the screen out of body. If you want to know how get the OM-20_spt.pdf from that dementia-something page and you'll find there...

    I think the 0M 20 really uses one of the 2- series screens since in their brochure it is stated that it uses "new Lumi-Micron screen". But I don't think I can get one. Neither buying another camera is for me not the way to go. There are very few OM 20s in Slovakia or Czech Rep.
    and they are not cheap in our merit.

    I think I'll just get a good 1-13 screen and then recalibrate the meter. I already know how to get the top cover off since I've done it already about ten times. I bought the body in quite bad condition but cheap, and so I had to clean all the resistor-paths inside (like the aperture sensor, or the shutter speen setting - behind the bayonet). Then when I tried to clean the screen I actually ruined it :(

    Thank you all for opinions, even the negative ones. At least I know I will never touch a screen anymore (except for changing).
  15. I rinsed my focusing screens under tap water and lightly dampen it bath towel cloth to dry . I'd never alcohol to clean.

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