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  1. Well, I figured I will share with you my lovely day photographing a wedding this Sunday in Brooklyn at Passage Palace located on the 18th ave and Benson. The point is, those of you who will ever get your jobs there watch out.... The wedding hall is nice and the staff is fine, the problems started to occur when I got home and started processing all my images. After searching through close to 900 photos (usual average) I realized there is not a single photo of the cake cutting ceremony. I guess now you can get into my shoes and feel how my hair started raising up in the back of my head. I have maticuleiously backed up images on my portible HDD as well as onto my laptop, however, cake was nowhere to be found. I started going through all my CF cards (all 7 of them) and I found only 6... Well it turns out someone has snatched a card from my table where all of my equipment layed. Luckily a budy of mine who was there emailed me 8 cake photos which are good enough for the couple's album. Furthermore, it turns out that my friends wife's purse was stolen along with another purse of some other guest. So word of caution. Passage Palace, be careful. Greg
  2. I just had a nervous breakdown reading about it! :) Good thing your buddy was there to bail you out. Nice picture by the way!

  3. Man, that stinks! I have a policy for me and my assistants: Never, never, never, ever under any circumstances leave any equipment unattended... especially exposed film or CF cards. I keep all of my cards with me at all times. There are too many people at a wedding to trust leaving equipment out where it could be taken. I'm glad to hear your friend had some shots you could use... thats good news. Best of luck.

    Duane (nice shot, by the way!)
  4. Good warning. Also suggests maybe you'd better keep your memory cards on your person at all times.

    Might want to tuck in the grooms shirt a bit next time around.
  5. Could have been a kid looking for something to play with and not necessarily the place. Could have been a guest--unless you saw it happen, you don't know. I'd take this as an inexpensive lesson on keeping film/cards on your person at all times. Exercise strict procedures when downloading, especially if you have assistants who do this for you. Might want to review the previous threads about stolen equipment. Never have equipment lying on a table unattended. You're lucky not to have lost more. Glad it had a happy ending.
  6. I found a CF card (outside it's case) on the ground at an outdoors wedding once. since I was shooting with Smartmedia and the "pro" was the only other guy there with digital, it was easy to find the owner....
  7. I too keep all CF on me at all times. If I were a casual thief, I'd go for the CF lying on the equipment table rather than the $1500 lens or camera body sitting next to it. The CF are small, light, worth a lot, no serial numbers and easy to sell. Hm, maybe I should be worried about pickpockets as well =)

  8. Rather than looking to blame someone. You should really re-evaluate your location "security". We shoot film, but at any given time at a wedding we know where every roll is.

    What you are suggesting sounds pretty silly. If I were a thief, and I saw a table full of cameras,lenses and a lap top. Why in God's name would I steal a memory card??

    If you were careless enough to turn your back on your gear. Perhaps you simply lost the card?
  9. OK, you got the lecture from everyone.

    Nice shot. Is that Sheepshead Bay?
  10. Try using one of these on your belt. The rear pocket holds the unused card and the front one holds the used...
  11. Great shot! How did you do it?
  12. That's the groom's vest. You don't tuck vests in.

    I use a Lowepro card holder on my belt. It holds 8 cards, plus has a net pocket that holds my full CF cards. Works well for me!
  13. Thank you all for responding, oddly enough I always cary all my CF cards on me, but during the day, I try to back them up on my portable HDD as well as the laptop. The last set of pictures that I took I left the card on top of the reader (I know I forgot, but I don't think that's the price I should pay) "Might want to tuck in the grooms shirt a bit next time around" That's correct it was his vest. Is it shipshead bay? Yes it was How did I create this image? I have applied gausian blur to the image other than the bride, coverted it to BW and hand colored the bride (with the history brush) Thank you all of your input. Sincerely, Greg
  14. I feel your grief. I have had film stolen from my camera bag left by the DJ!

    I now go to the ultimate in simplicity. I carry everything.

    I bring only one camera and one lens and one flash and I put all my CF cards in a belt pack. Nothing is left unattended. they would have to kill me to get it! I keep my back-up units in my car.

    If I need an extra lens, I put it in my coat pocket.

    Get a coat with a big pocket.

    We do not live in a kinder and gentler world...just the opposite.

    Be careful!
  15. That is so messed up...<br>
    I am so angry about what happened to you.<br>
    I stopped bringing my camera bag just for that reason.<br>
    I have all my stuffs on my body when I'm at the weddings.<br>
    I hope you'll feel better, it happens to a lot of us, you know...<br>
    Good thing you have all the shots covered. You are good...
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    So far doing mostly friends and family photo's with a few strangers along the way I have been very lucky never so much as losing a lens cap. My wife normally handles the assistant stuff and therefore watches my bag. But after My Step daughters wedding this last week end I'm seriously thinking about a nice black photo vest to free her up. And so that I don't have another experiance with a room so crowded I can't hardly move about (the step mother rented the room) This adds to the reeasoning behind a vest.
  17. I totally feel your pain. I think we've all had those moments regardless of the comments listed above- even though I'm sure they all meant well. I'm from the midwest, but I just recently heard a story about weddings on the east coast actually being RAIDED! Professional 'crews' of theives crash the party as guests and whole camera bags, as well as DJ and band equipment mysteriously disappear. Just a story I heard from another friend out there- talk about a nightmare- I'd take one roll of film/cf card lost vs. the above any day. ( even though both really bite ;) )
  18. Thank you all for your comments. I've just heard from the Bride and Groom after I broke the story to them. Though they were a bit dissapointed with me. (not much I could do in that dept.) they seem to love most of the photos taken that day. I think I am going to give them some stuff for free to make up for their "grief" Why go to the therapist, when we have pn? :) You are all great, thank you for all your support and understanding. Best, Greg
  19. Haha! that last picture is great! Does anyone use a belt system to carry their stuff around? I have a backpack, but when all my stuff is in it it weighs 20 lbs. I was wondering if the made some kind of belt that had pockets in it or that you could attach your lens cases to or something....
  20. purchase a new one. My first instinct was to choke him....
  21. Colleen--every major bag manufacturer has a belt system. I use the Lowepro "light" belt which is better suited to us smaller humans known as women. You can get many different kinds of lens cases, bags and pouches to hang off the belt. Thing is, you can't get too crazy or you'll look worse than the Michelin Man.

    MC--I've also had kids take stuff off my off-camera flash setup, like my slave receiver and some have changed the settings on my flash pack. I guess the toggle swithces look like fun.

    Greg--I assume you checked back with the place to see if anything turned up in lost and found? You never know.
  22. After reading this, whether we shoot film or digital, I think a belt pack is in order for film (when we shoot film) and cards (when we go digital!).

    Stealing film when it is in a pack right by the DJ is pretty bold!
  23. When you consider how much these reception hall staff make you would not be surprised that they like to supplement their income.

    I have a assistant who moves equipment, helps with set up, downloads images and handles security duty. While heading home after a gig he realize how fortunate he was to make $50 for the day for a lot less work then the hall staff.

  24. keep them clipped to you......always.......... never ever ever leave the cards on a table.

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