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  1. I took the plunge, and got a new computer; now on Win 8.1 vista 32. Got programs installed and data, including photos migrated. Now I want (I think) to go Adobe CC for the DAM capabilities. From a demosaicing and conversion point of view, I intend to (learn and) switch to LR for future photos because NX2 is a dead end, although it still works, and I intend to keep it for access to my sunk efforts. I realize there are other options (free Raw Therapee, DXO, Capture, etc.), but I think I want to commit to Adobe as the industry standard, includes parametric local adjustments, and integrated DAM capabilities.
    I have done (enough that I don't want to lose it) work keywording some of the photos. The keywords are in the NEF's, and not recognized outside Nikon software. I do have the NEF codec that enables viewing of the embedded jpgs, but iptc and xmp data is not recognized by my Bridge (CS2 vintage), windows photo viewer, or windows file system (tags do not show). Tiff's or jpg's created by CNX2 from the nefs DO exhibit this data, btw.
    So, aside from creating and saving tiff or jpgs from all my nefs, how do I get this data into LR, so I can use it for DAM of my existing nefs? I don't spose LR will do it without mass converting (well wrapping them in) to dng, will it? I don't think I want to go the dng route anyway, preferring the sidecar option. Plus, as I mentioned, I want to have easy access to my already processed nefs with CNX2.
    Is there a program that will crawl through my nefs, identify the keyword and iptc data, and generate appropriate xmp files that LR can use? Or is this train of thought totally off the rails? ie are xmp files with only this data a figure of my imagination?
    I hope I have explained coherently enough for your understanding, and thanks in advance for replies.
    I posted a similar DAM question Feb 2014, and received generous response, but my situation is different now.
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    I believe you can use exiftool to do this. There is a thread on this here, see the last two entries on that thread.
  3. Jeff: thank you! Gotta love it when a question gets a direct, focussed response. Great people make a great community.

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