Need wedding guest book in white or ivory

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by laura_dunn, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. I need some suggest/resources for a wedding guest book. I the album I offer
    is Tap's parade signature book- It's 12 pages or so and each page holds a
    wallet photo with room for signatures. The couple I met with today wants it,
    but the only one Tap sells is black and they prefer white or ivory. Any
    suggestions? Looking for something not too pricey, the book I offer, I charge
    $50 including the 12 wallets needed to fill it. Thanks!
  2. You could try Picaboo ( You can use their free software to arrange digital photos of your couple into a custom guest book. The 8.5x11" hardbound book feels similar to a children's picture book with the photos printed directly onto the pages. I believe it costs about $30 for 10 double sided pages. They have a site about creating guest books at:

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