Need video tool with text to speech and synchronize

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  1. Hello Friends,

    Hope you are doing well!

    I need a video tool in which the following features are included. Could you please help to find the best vendor who offers the below features at the best rate.

    1) Convert text into speech.
    2) Screen recording feature with high resolution.
    3) Video Editor (synchronize the audio and video file).

    Thank you for your valuable time.
  2. I got a lot of hits, searching "text to speech." Synchronization of a sound file to video would be tedious but not especially difficult. You would break the sound files into clips and position them on the time line, using Premiere Pro or Final Cut. Either program will slice the audio track, non-destructively, allowing you to move or copy the pieces at will.

    Screen shots would neither be necessary, nor desirable. If you wish to show the printed text, import it into Titles, or paste still shots into the timeline, and stretch them as necessary.

    You might be better to do a voiceover yourself, or hire someone to do it for you. That solves the quality and synchronization parts with minimum effort.
  3. Regarding syncing, I had a problem when I processed my video from my Samsung Galaxy7 cellphone in Photoshop Premiere Elements. It lost sync. I tried the following and it synced it. Handbrake.

    Here's a video on it. Hope it helps you.
  4. Hello
    found a few videos that could possibly help
    These are some decent choices for video editing software
  5. Hello! I want to share this amazing video editor that you can have on your desktop or on your iOS and Android phone. This editing tool is Beecut which has lots of features that you can easily use on editing a video. Try it it might help you a lot.
  6. Recently I came upon a video-making software Video Making Platform. They provide a great range of tools. Yet, I wonder whether I can upload there .mkv extension videos or only .mp4 are allowed? Hope to hear from someone using this service.
  7. Synchronizing text to speech to video is probably best done with someone reading into a microphone while watching the video. There's no reason it couldn't be automated, but probably not on a consumer level. I've seen examples of software which manipulates the video to match words which were never originally uttered. This would be an amazing tool for overdubbing a foreign video, or destroying a public career.

    In my case, I'm trying to fix things, not fool people. Synchronizing speech to video is not that hard. I've had to do it on several occasions when there has been a problem in the audio on my camera (a switch inadvertently moved when setting up). Look for words beginning with "B" or "P" and mark the spots on both the audio and video tracks. The marks can be snapped into alignment with precision of the nearest video frame. Finding just the right "B" or "P" can require a bit of trial and error. With a little practice, most of us are better lip readers than we might imagine. It helps to look (and listen) for pauses between phrases, the start of a speech, or change of speakers to narrow the choices.

    Premiere Pro has tools which will automatically find and synchronize two sound tracks. It works well enough if used properly, but is exceedingly slow for clip lengths exceeding a few seconds. Theoretically you could stretch or shrink one of the tracks to cover edits and overdubs. If I anticipate the need to edit the sound track, I use two or more cameras, and switch the angle to cover the cuts. You might be surprised to learn that many TV interviews use that technique extensively.
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  8. I know nothing about any solutions to your question. But I do suspect that the way that you've formulated your question is limiting your options for finding the best solutions (plural).

    Without any specialist knowledge, your points 1-3 look to me to be specialized - but different - 'domains'. There are tools for converting text to speech. There are also many tools for screen recording. And there are many video editors that enable you to synchronize audio with video.

    I suggest you try to find the best (or good enough) tools in each domain rather than try to find one tool that does everything. Even if you do find one, it's (IMHO) unlikely to be in the 'best in class' in any of the three domains.

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