need screwdriver for Mamiya 180mm

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  1. Got a lens off ebay, which looks like it will become a project lens. It has some issues with what looks to be fungus and some other things going on. Seller kicking back some cash so I'll keep it.
    Need a screwdriver to take apart the lens and go in and clean the elements.
    Are the JIS screwdrivers what I need?
    If so, what size?
  2. Yes to JIS. Also will need spanner wrench(es) and a set of rubber-stopper type tools, at the very least.
  3. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    The RB 180mm lens is easy to work on since it has no rear cell. The name ring comes off and ht efront cell unscrews out like a light bulb.
    One the front cell is off you start taking the screws out of each layer.. the speed ring the iris ring, then you are at the shutter mount. Take the halves appart by unscrewing the rear retainer where the rear cell shoud have been. Once the halves are appart you cna then remove the shutter in it;s mount. There are 3 or 4 scres ont heperimeter of teh mount that get taken out or just loosened (the ones of the preview get loosened)
    Now the shutter comes out of the mount n the rest is easy to figure out from there.
    Have fun.
    The main screw driver you will need is a 00 and a 000 cross point and a small flat to losen the mirror up screw.

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