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  1. Our studio does not do tons of printing like a Walgreens type place would, but
    the cost per print is the most inportant aspect of a printer right now. Does
    anyone have any suggestions as to what printer would be best for printing about
    300 or so prints (8x10's, 5x7's, wallets, etc.) a week at a low Cost Per Print?

    I've looked at the Fuji Frontiers and such, but they are extremely expensive,
    and seem to be designed for mass production.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Shawn Walters
    Couture Photography
    18 Golf Center
    Hoffman Estates, IL 60195
  2. How about a Fuji Pictrography?
  3. Are the costs per print low on that and does it trim the prints to the correct size, eg 4x6 etc?

  4. The cheapest way to produce C prints would be with an optical enlarger...and that's considering cost of equipment and avoiding outsourcing.

    I've seen a Chromira LED printer estimated at $60,000 (and that was lower than previously heard) but I don't know what mini-lab laser printers cost...

    As for inkjet the Epson 8-ink systems are well known...and at several price levels.

    Kodak has an inexpensive dye sublimation printer that goes up to 8 x 12...
  5. I have the Kodak 1400 dye-sub. It is pretty fast and costs under $400. The cost for each sheet of paper along with the ribbon is about $1.80. I also have the Epson 2200 printer and it is slow. Uses a lot of ink. Never figured out the cost per page. The Epson prints 11X14's and the Kodak prints up to 8X12. Kodak only offers flat and gloss paper.
  6. Thanks for the responses.

    Yeah we have the kodak 1400, and hate it. You can only print out full sheets and the quality is very poor compared to lab prints or even ink jets for that matter.

    All total, we're looking to not spend more than $10k on a good printer with hopefully 8x10 cost per prints at under $1.50.

    Has anyone heard anything about the epson gemini?

  7. I see Noritsu has a QSS 3300 stand alone laser printer that makes 8 x14 C prints. Then I find a full system at ChangsPhoto web site for $63,000...

    Oh, there's a QSS 3213 full system with missing computer on E-Bay for 35,000. Well, look up the maximum print size...
  8. Here's a link to some modern printers I think being sold used:
  9. There is a low cost machine made in usa under Digit-X. Check website
    The secret to low cost is Photo Paper at only 4to5 cents for4x6 and about 25c an 8x10.
    The equipment is more costly than Dye sub or ink jets, but it may be leased for about $600 a month
  10. CPI corporation in STL is selling the printers that they had for their 'portrait gallery' studios. They were only open for a few months when they decided they didnt make enough money. I would contact them to see what they want for it. I currently work at a sears that was a portrait gallery until dec of last year, and we have one in our back room that my manger is begging them to get rid of. So if you are still looking for one I would contact them for all the information.

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