Need opinions on 2nd body. Got 40D now. Wildlife/landscape.

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  1. I hate to post this, but really need some fresh perspective. I got my first DSLR about two years ago, a Canon 40D. Since then I have got the 10-22, 24-105, 100 f/2.8 macro, and 100-400 with a Canon 1.4x TC. My interest are wildlife and landscape. On some trips, namely in Alaska, I am switching back and forth between my 24-105 and 100-400 very often. Trying to get a shot of this animal, then that mountain, etc.. Thinking a second body is the way to go. For one, the instant "lens change" if you will, then also I like the idea of a back up body in case of failure of some sorts. What I am basically trying to figure out is what body to buy. I am not a techie type and don't know much about the image quality/sensors in many of these cameras. Budget is a concern, but I don't want an XSI. Looking mainly at the 50D or T2i. My idea (for now) is to use my 40D with the 1.4x TC and 100-400 and the new camera with my landscape lens. So what I need to know is how the T2i will perform (image quality wise) against the 40D I currently own or the 50D that I am entertaining the purchase of. Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions. Heading to Alaska three times this summer and I am thinking a two camera system will be of great use. Just not sure what body to pick up as my second.

  2. original 5D or 1DS Mk I if the 5D is too expensive. The 24-105mm on the full frame camera would be beautiful for landscapes and the 100-400mm on the APS-C 40D would give you the extra length for wildlife. I think full frame would be the way to go. Having one FF and one APS-C would give you great versatility.
  3. if you dont mind the rebel type plastic body, ergonomics and awkward controls(compared to xxD/7D) then the t2i is the way to go. I would recommend the 7D but since you may not need the speed or better AF system, then image quality wise, the T2i is ahead of the 40D and 50D in the high ISO and resolution charts. Read the reviews online of the T2i, it has been named best in its class.
  4. oh yeah, if you go full frame you could sell the 10-22mm and get a 17-40mm f/4L, without spending any extra money, to take full advantage of the large FF sensor on the wide end.
  5. Thanks for the insights so far. I do greatly appreciate it. Been researching all night and found a 5D (original model circa 2005) that is in very good shape for $1300. Anyone familiar with this older 5D want to chime in? Would this be better for landscapes, then keep my 40D on wildlife. I like the idea of full frame with my 24-105 and would likely add the 17-40. Honestly, never thought I could afford this route so I am unsure how good the 5D is, but the used 5D puts the camera within reach. However, I can get a new 50D for $999 on B&H. Any suggestions? Thanks guys/gals.

  6. The 50D won't feel much different than your 40D, but it is a great camera with some nice upgrades. My wife uses the T1i and loves it, but the ergonomics are completely different from the XXD and XD bodies.
  7. Definitely full frame. I have a crop for sports and telephoto and a full frame for wideangle landscapes. The 5D and the 1Ds, both original, fall into your budget the best. I hope the $1300 5D is from a reputable dealer since the price is a little high (you can find them for under $1100). The original 1Ds is more solidly built but may be a little slower to use. I would check one of each out at a camera store if you can. The build of the 1Ds would be nice for Alaska. At around $1800 you might find a 1DsII which would provide better resolution, more advanced technology and the solid build.
  8. The T2i, or XSI might not be able to handle those extreme weather conditions. I would go for the 7D and use it as my main camera since it's weather sealed.
  9. The 5D is still a very highly regarded camera. Its 5 years old and still holds its value pretty well for a body. There's a reason they still go like hotcakes on ebay.
  10. The used 5D I saw was at Adorama and sold before I could get home from work. It was in E+ condition (excellent with minor signs of wear under close inspection). I called Adorama to see if they had others and was told they can't tell how many shutter actuations are on the 5D. Is that true? They said they could only provide this info on Nikons. I have never dealt with Adorama and was curious about them in general. I may keep an eye out there for 5D's coming in the near future. But hoping to find a 5D somewhere else soon. Just curious if they were giving me the run around. Most my shopping has been with B&H to date. Thanks for any info on Arorama or any other ideas where to pick up a used 5D.
  11. I've bought numerous bodies on ebay, and as long as you read the description carefully and make sure there are photos of the camera, then you should be able to get a good deal. If there is anything wrong with the camera, the seller has to tell you; if they don't you can dispute it with ebay and get your money back. Look at the feedback score too. Most sellers will be sure to tell any possible flaw b/c they take pride in a good feedback score and don't want any blemishes on their record. As long as you aren't careless, ebay is a good place to buy camera equipment.
  12. Shopping on Ebay is like playing in a pit of vipers. I bought a $1700 Zeiss spotting scope there a few years back from a scam seller that had thousands of "reviews" (feedback) and it was nearly 100%. Everything looked legit as it could. Turned out a scam artist had taken over a defunct account from a previous legitimate seller. Ebay said they were investigating mine along with some 50 other cases from this scam artist. But they offered me no protection at all, just "investigating". The only reason I got my money back was because my credit card company was in a good mood. Ebay did nothing. I will never shop there again for big ticket items.
  13. On some searching I see that the $1300 price at Adorama was pretty good. My nephew just bought a used lens from them two weeks ago, and it was in excellent shape and he received it the next day up here in Canada. I bought two relatively expensive used lenses from them about 4 years ago from an eBay auction. There service policy is awesome. I had to have one of them repaired when it arrived here and they paid the bill no questions asked. They found something wrong with the second lens before they shipped it and although it took a few weeks to send me an alternative it was in far superior shape to the one I had bid on originally.
    I have bought three lenses from in "ugly" and "bargain" condition and have been extremely happy with them. They have quite a few 5D and 1Ds bodies.
  14. In my opinion, there's something to be said for having identical bodies that can be set up the same, seamlessly switched between without throwing off your tactile memory for the controls, and produce exactly the same results that you can process using the exact same workflow. Plus, they will use the same batteries, and therefore their chargers are also redundant for backup purposes.
    Therefore, unless you feel the 40D just isn't performing up to par in some area, I'd just get another 40D from a reputable used dealer such as KEH.
  15. Hi John
    Just wanted to drop by and thank you for your feedback on purchasing used from Adorama, which is very much appreciated.
    BTW if you ever need advice or after-sales support with a purchase from Adorama, you are always welcome to email me directly.
    Thanks again for taking the time to post!
    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador
  16. I thought this was a forum and not a free advertising site?
  17. Yeah, no advertising here. I am offended as well Helen. However, you find me a good deal on an excellent or excellent+ classic 5D and I will forgive you. Ha ha... Saw two on your site over last three days and they were sold before I could get to them.
  18. Mike / Dan
    Am I missing something here?
    Is Adorama no longer sponsoring
    Helen Oster
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  19. I gotta back up Helen here. You should be careful how you talk to certain people. She is right that Adorama sponsors and that is one of the reasons this site is here for us. The site takes a lot of work and its not something that someone just sits at home and does for free b/c they want everyone else to have such a wonderful learning tool. I like this site and I'd hate to see it diminish b/c the ones that help keep it going get the feeling they are unappreciated and stop providing funds for us to have such a great free service. As long as I can come here each day and learn new things and get great tips, tricks, and advice, the sponsors can promote themselves all they want. Thank You Helen, and Thank You Adorama.
  20. Thanks, Nathan
    As many photographers are aware, I provide on-line Adorama customer support across numerous forums and websites.
    I enjoy connecting with our customers when there aren't any problems, too!
    BTW Dan, to answer your question; we don't currently have the software to provide an actuation count for any Canon - it is widely believed that only Canon themselves can do this.
    However, I have come across something recently that I've asked the used department to take a look at, and we'll see whether it works.
  21. You didn't read my last comment. I was joking:)
  22. Paranoia is a terrible thing.......... !
  23. That's the only problem with text communication, sarcasm isn't so easy to detect. I am a very sarcastic person with a dry sense of humor, but it doesn't always come across that way on the internet.
  24. Hi Helen - you have, in the past, provided very useful on-line support for others through these pages and I don't object to that. But for me, the content of the post I responded to crossed the line to promotion. I appreciate that you you sponsor this great site and for that you get a prime advertising space - I just felt bringing that to active threads was a tad unnecessary. Maybe the brevity of my comment came over a bit stronger than I intended (I agree with Nathan's last comment).

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