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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by todd peach (seattle, washington), Sep 14, 2003.

  1. I use 'my page'
    user_id=25133 to keep track of the threads that I'm involved in. The
    default number of threads to view is five. If I want to see more, I
    get to see 1171 (everything I've posted on this account).

    I'd like to see something in between. Maybe make it a 'user
    selectable' 5/10/25 parameter. In my experience, most threads in the
    forums I participate in 'peter out' in about a week. Ideally, I'd
    have a way to look at about 'the last seven days worth' of threads.
  2. I'll add that I use that same page type to check up on other folks as well. If somebody comes to my attention who is on the edge of being disruptive, I'll go to 'their page' and sample some of their recent threads to see if there's a bad pattern emerging. Five is too few, and I probably don't need to see every thread to figure it out.
  3. n m

    n m

    Are you a moderator Todd? Re the negative reason for checking on people. I would have thought as a community of photographers there was more positive curiosity to look at people's work and background instead.
  4. Yes, I'm a moderator in the Nikon forum. People have 'bad days' and can say things that are uncharacteristically harsh. This is a different thing than having some 'bad weeks' and just stirring up trouble everywhere they go.
  5. Not to flog a possibly dead horse, but I'd like to see the view of threads I've responded to sorted by latest posting date. The current system just is really tough to check out follow-ups.

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